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4 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Provide Better Service to Property Owners and Tenants

4 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Provide Better Service to Property Owners and Tenants

This article is #7 of a 7 part series . For additional suggestions checkout the rest of the Keeping Rental Property Owners Happy series.

How do great property management companies become great? They provide customer service that's a huge step above the rest. By being the best property management company for your tenants, owners, and yes, even your contractors, you can develop a strong reputation and continue to rise above the competition. Here's how you can improve your service day by day.

1. Make it Easy

Your tenants and owners are busy people. They think about their homes and their investment properties, but they're thinking about a lot of other things as well. Sometimes, a tenant realizes that the rent is due the night before. Often, an owner wants to check that a payment went through or look at the progress of a renovation project after work hours. According to the Interest blog, "the way you keep (tenants) happy is by keeping the property in good shape and treating them with respect." Make it simple for your owners and tenants to access information about their accounts and properties by developing owner and tenant portals where you can store payment information and file important facts about each property.

2. Embrace Diversity

While online rent payments work for many and most of your tenants and owners will enjoy the convenience of looking up information about a property online, some of your tenants will need the flexibility of a phone call. Provide a contact center where there are real people available to answer urgent calls and general questions, even after normal work hours.

According to the NOLO blog, "a good management company brings its know-how and experience to your property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands." Achieving this peace of mind comes in different ways for different owners and tenants.

3. Anticipate Problems and Provide Solutions

Providing great property management isn't just about finding and fixing problems, it's also about preventing them. Truly great property management companies are on top of problems before they exist, working to maintain properties through ongoing maintenance, diligent repair schedules, and frequent check-ins with tenants, owners, and contractors. By anticipating problems and working on them on an ongoing basis, a property management company helps tenants feel well cared-for and helps owners know that their properties are in good hands.


4. Be Clear

Tenants and owners appreciate clear communication. This can begin with the tenant screening and the lease agreement, which should clearly outline the responsibilities of the property management company, owner, and tenant. Use your property management data system to properly file key documents, and make sure that these are accessible to both owners and tenants online so that everyone knows when maintenance will occur or whether pets are allowed.

"Our owners love the owner portals. Our tenants love the tenant portals. With Propertyware, you can go in, do a direct deposit, create the owner statement, and publish it to their portal, or email it to them." - Michele Fox / Fox Rental Management

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