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Affordable Ways to Boost a Property’s Curb Appeal

Affordable Ways to Boost a Property’s Curb Appeal

A property's exterior is usually the first thing people notice. Curb appeal attracts potential tenants, persuades them to look more closely at your rental home and will show if it has been properly maintained. It can also add that special touch that makes it a home, instead of just another property.

Curb appeal doesn't have to be something you did which was expensive; sometimes it's the small details that can make or break a deal. Here are some affordable ways to increase your curb appeal when you're leasing your property.

Maintain the landscaping

When making a first impression, a property’s landscaping comes first. If you're in a place like Richmond, VA where the average yard size is 10,361 sqft.—that’s a lot of a selling point. Having the lawn mowed and the shrubs trimmed can make all the difference. Also, make sure that the flower beds are mulched and spent plants are replaced. You'll also want to make sure that there aren't any tree branches, bushes or shrubs that are blocking attractive home features.

You could also plant bright containers with flowers to give a warm welcome. If you have a fence around the property, look to see if it needs to be painted or stained for a simple refresher.

Take care of sidewalk cracks

You have been walking on your sidewalk for so long, you probably don’t even notice the cracks anymore. However, a new buyer or renter will notice in an instant. Fixing your sidewalk should be on your list of priorities, and it's not a difficult job. You will need some flexible sealant, which is a substance that's durable and will blend in with concrete. It's sold in tubes with easy to apply applicators, and most brands offer step-by-step directions.

Repaint the front door

The front door should be inviting. You can add a fresh coat of paint in colors that will complement or contrast to the rest of the property. A glossy finish will hide smudges and is easy to keep clean. Repainting may take a little bit of time, but it has as much of an impact as painting the entire exterior. The doors themselves will pop in unity.

If you have a smaller property, you can repaint the trim of the door, shutters and consider replacing old door knobs/handles. This is not a challenging project, and it's the first thing a prospective tenant will see before stepping into their potential new place.

Refresh address numbers

You can add a touch of beauty to your property by updating a home's address numbers. Similarly with repainting, exterior numbers can get weathered over time. Using metal numbers will last longer than a paint job, and will add a modern and restored shine to the exterior.

Pressure wash the siding of the home

When you make the outside of a home clean, it will feel cleaner on the inside. You can use a pressure washer to clean a home's siding, windows, walkway, steps and driveway. The entryway and halls should appear uncluttered and have a welcoming appearance.

Curb appeal is essential when trying to attract new tenants or make current tenants happy. When a prospective tenant is searching for a new home, the outside of the property is what draws them in. Simple, budget-friendly upgrades can keep your property looking fresh and clean year-round.

 Jackie Greene is a blogger, gardener, and nutrition enthusiast. She enjoys creating organic meals for family and friends using the fresh ingredients she produces from her backyard homestead.

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