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This is an 8-part series dedicated to helping property managers get themselves and their properties ready for the busy summer rent season.

3 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

Peak Leasing Season Is Coming 4 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

The busiest time of year is almost here: peak leasing season! As spring arrives and families, students, and other tenants begin to think about what their plans are for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer, they often begin to look for a new home. These four tips will help you develop a strong leads pipeline so that when your tenants move out, more will move in quickly. (more…)

5 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Tenant Pipeline Flowing

tenant pipeline

If you have units available and new listings to make, the marketing process is straightforward. But what if you don’t have anything to market? How do you keep your tenant pipeline flowing and ready for your next listing?


How to Attract Millennials and New College Students Into Your Leads Pipeline

Rent Season Prep 101 How to Attract Millennials & New College Students Into Your Leads Pipeline

Who’s coming down your rental property management pipeline? During the busy spring rent season, you’ll find that many millennials choose to move. Whether they’re moving for work, for family, or for greater educational opportunities, you need to know how to attract millennials to your rental property business, especially if you’re working in a college town where tenant turnover is high. (more…)

4 Ways to Attract New Property Owners

4 Ways to Attract New Property Owners Before the Busy Summer Rent Season

When you’re gearing up for the busy rental property season, you need to find new tenants as existing ones move on to new properties. You also need to boost your stock of rental properties and seek out new property owners before the bustling days of spring and summer. This can be a challenge, but using these 4 ways to attract new property owners can simplify the process. (more…)

Two Checklists That Can Save Property Management Headaches

checklists for property managers

It’s rental season, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Several tenants are moving in at the same time, and then come the calls: the toilet isn’t running properly and the front gate needs attention. You’ve forgotten to get the deposit back to your tenants who were moving out, and they’re asking if there was a problem with the property. Are you having trouble keeping it all together and staying on top of the countless responsibilities? Rental checklists can save you from many property management headaches and keep your business on track. (more…)

Are Your Rental Leasing Contracts Up To Date?

rental leasing contracts

It’s the busiest time of the year: rent season. During this busy time, the details of rental agreements can be hard to track. Many properties and agreements must be updated. While you probably won’t forget to complete a move out property inspection, it’s possible that you’ll forget to update your documents for a new tenant. Making sure your leasing contracts are up to date will ensure that you start off on a clear footing with each new tenant. (more…)

Improve Property Listings: Rent Homes, Not Properties

improve your listings

Your tenants want to feel at home in your properties. Home is what sells your tenants on the places you rent. Whether it’s the neighborhood school, senior center, or the beautiful garden and entertaining-friendly deck, improve property listings by focusing on the intangible feeling of home as well as the tangible benefits of your property. (more…)

5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings

photography tips for property managers

As a property manager, you’ve written many listings for your properties and taken quite a few photographs. You know photos are important to your prospective tenants because they help sell your property in a way that words alone cannot. According to Rentalutions, “96% of (tenants) begin their search online.” How can you make sure your pictures tell the story of your property and draw in prospective tenants? Take a look at our  photography tips for property managers and help turn website visitors into new tenants who are ready to move in. (more…)


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