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Save time, reduce paper waste and eliminate unnecessary headaches by offering tenants 24/7 access to powerful self-service tools.
Read the following articles on the benefits of using a tenant management portal on your single-family property management website.

Treat Tenants Like VIPs with Tenant Portals

Treating Tenants Like Customers with Tenant Web Pay and Tenant Portals

In a look at landlord-tenant relationships, LinkedIn states that “the average renter is responsible, has plenty of disposable income and a desire to live in a clean and safe home.” As you seek excellence in your rental property management, try to re-frame your tenant-manager relationship as one that has customer service at its core. (more…)

How Tenant Portals Make Online Rent Payments Easy

Online rental payments

When you allow online rental payments via a tenant portal system, you make payment easier for your tenants. Today, digital payments are common, and people are more likely to be willing to pay their bills and their rent online. For your business, this means that you’ll be paid quicker and the entire process will be easier for you and your tenants. (more…)

How to Streamline Your Property Management Processes

how to streamline your property management strategy

You want your property management business to be a top performer. How can you work more efficiently, save money, and rise to the top? Excellence in property management comes from the systems you use to organize your business. Try these techniques to streamline your property management strategy. (more…)

Property Management and the New Way To Connect

property management software

In this industry, you work with an interconnected web of properties. Some have similar maintenance needs or are in the same part of the city. Others have urgent concerns that are outside the norm and need to be addressed immediately. Forbes says that small businesses that are seeking software solutions often “lack the resources to make sure the technology is customized and adopted.” As you work to streamline your property management processes, you need to find rental property management software that is focused on your unique needs as a property manager and helps you to understand and manage the many connected yet diverse needs of your properties. (more…)

Tenant and Owner Portals for Rental Property Websites

Tenant Portal for Rental Property Management Websites

When you add tenant portals and owner portals to your property management website, you boost owner and tenant satisfaction, and save time with online rent payments.


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