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Tenant and Owner Portals for Rental Property Websites

Tenant and Owner Portals for Rental Property Websites

This article is #5 of a 5 part series Part of the Propertyware Tenant Portal Series. For additional suggestions checkout the rest of the Tenant Portal Software for Rental Property Management series.

When you add tenant and owner portals to your property management website, you boost owner and tenant satisfaction, and save time with online rent payments.

Why Add a Tenant Portal or Owner Portal?

When you manage a portfolio of properties, it can be difficult to stay connected with each individual tenant. A tenant and owner portals are great relationship management tools that help improve communication and strengthen your relationships with renters. Inman states that for tenants, "the relationship...with your landlord can directly impact your lifestyle, comfort, image and financial standing." The same goes for communication between tenants, owners, and property managers. Business success rests on the success of these personal relationships.

If you are a property manager, much of your energy is probably focused on properties and the rental market. However, the property owner holds your business asset, and you need to ensure you meet their needs, as well. With owner portals, you can ensure clear communication that's personalized for each owner and each property.

Portals Integrate With Online Property Management Software

As you implement an online property management software system, you allow tenants and owners to access key information. What important details can you place in your tenant or owner portal? You might add information about upcoming or past maintenance or about payment schedules for owners. With portals that are integrated with your property management software, it's simple to provide updates or change information about a property, conveying this easily to your tenants and owners.

Processing Online Rent Payments

Is the rent lost in the mail again? One of the advantages of a portal is the ability to track and manage online payments, eliminating concerns about the time lag, inaccuracy, and the occasional loss of rental checks. Today, people can pay for goods and services in a single step process online, allowing vendors to receive almost immediate payment. Use online payment processing software to receive payments more quickly and simplify the process for tenants. Track payments as well, so that tenants can confirm that their rent has gone through or determine what they still have to pay, while owners can track their payments owed.

Set Parameters

Tenant portals are a convenient noticeboard for rental property managers. Add information about deposits, or store property rules online for easy reference. Tenant portals also allow you to be completely clear with your tenants about all aspects of your property management and make information available in a single, easy to access location.

Communicate Well and Reduce Complaints

When you work in the property management industry, you are bound to receive complaints at some point. According to an article in the Telegraph, "dealing promptly with maintenance problems and fairly with other issues generates goodwill that pays dividends." Generate good feeling, and you'll receive rent payments on time and have a more secure relationship with your owners and tenants. With online property management software that features tenant portals, you can move from reactive to proactive, focusing on communication that sets the conditions for success and reduces complaints.

"Our owners love the owner portals. Our tenants love the tenant portals. With Propertyware, you can go in, do a direct deposit, create the owner statement, and publish it to their portal, or email it to them." - Michele Fox / Fox Rental Management

Tenant and Owner Portal Software for Rental Property Websites

As your business grows, you need to have a simple way to consolidate information for your tenants and owners. With tenant and owner portals, you'll reduce the time you spend chasing down information about your properties and increase your tenants' and owners' ability to find that information themselves. Are you curious to see how tenant and owner portals work? Sign up for a free tour of Propertyware today.pixel

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