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Four Ways to Master Move Ins and Move Outs

turnover season

It may be the return of warm weather or the greater freedom allowed by the end of the school year that makes this the time of year when rental properties are in the highest demand. If you’ve been in property management for even a little while, you know turnover season is here.

According to Real Property Management, the average cost of a rental property turnover is equal to three months’ rent. Streamlining your turnover process can make a huge difference in losses or gains during this busy time of the year. Consider these four tips for making the process less painful: (more…)

Three Zillow Rental Listing Tips for Property Managers

zillow rental listing

At any given time, your rental property may face hundreds of competitors in an increasingly aggressive, online medium. If your property is located in a popular neighborhood or you list at a peak time, the competition only grows. Zillow Rental Manager alleviates much of this difficulty by expediting the online marketing process. Follow these zillow rental listing tips to stay ahead of the crowd. (more…)

How Instagram Can Help Attract More Rental Property Leads

attract more rental property leads

We live in such a visual world, it is easy to see why a platform like Instagram would be growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. While other social media platforms, such as Twitter, can be a great way to engage current tenants, it is challenging to use 140 characters to attract more rental property leads. Most of us, especially the younger millennial generation, find photos and videos much more enticing when looking for a new home. (more…)

Five Rental Property To-Do’s Before Posting a Listing

rental property

Renter turnover and the prospect of attracting the best possible tenants can be stressful to both property owners and property managers. Here are five tips to consider before you list your rental property. (more…)

5 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Tenant Pipeline Flowing

tenant pipeline

If you have units available and new listings to make, the marketing process is straightforward. But what if you don’t have anything to market? How do you keep your tenant pipeline flowing and ready for your next listing?


Your Property Management Software Checklist

property management

The explosion of software apps has made property management infinitely more efficient, accurate, profitable and even enjoyable. Many of the headaches and hassles traditionally burdening property management professionals have been solved in the cubicles and break rooms of today’s industry-leading software companies. (more…)

How Property Managers Can Improve Business Relationships Using Software Tools

property managers

Property management is a “people” business. The better their relationships are with owners, tenants and vendors, the more successful and smooth life is for property managers.

But fostering good relationships doesn’t depend wholly on a sunny personality. In addition to making you more efficient, today’s software tools deliver benefits that directly impact how you get along with the people you interact with each day.

Here are some of the ways they do this. (more…)

Mistakes That Kill Rental Property Website Listings

rental property website listings

According to RevNYou, “the biggest issue almost every rental ad on the internet faces is that they have not targeted a prospective tenant.” When you create rental property website listings, do you have a target renter in mind? Avoid these mistakes in your rental property listings and create business success. (more…)

How a Blog Can Improve Your Rental Property Website


Should your property management company create a blog? According to Hubspot, “Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.” Make your rental property website better: add value by creating a blog. (more…)

6 Tips for Staging a Rental Property

staging rentals

Surprisingly, when it comes to rental properties, most property managers and landlords think that staging is irrelevant. But here’s a fact. Staging is not just for people who are looking to sell a home. Your prospective renters are looking for a home, not just a stark, vacant building. Moreover, when done the right way, staging rentals can help draw their attention to your property’s top assets and play down the drawbacks. (more…)


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