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Could Your Rental Property Management Business Benefit From a Contact Center?

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Talking to others is the cornerstone of any business, and in a relationship that can be complex, effective communication is even more important. An article in the Seattle Times states that “perhaps the most underappreciated art in the rental-housing industry is that of simple communication. A majority of unpleasant issues faced by landlords and tenants seem to sprout from the soil of communication breakdown.” While you strive for excellent communication at your rental property management business, it’s hard to be available 24/7. If phone contact with your customers is one of the challenges of your business, you may need a contact center. (more…)

Top 10 Ways Propertyware Contact Center Helps Grow Your Business [eBook]

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When renting a property, a tenant expects much more than a roof over their head—they want your company to deliver a certain type of experience. Property management is a customer-oriented industry, and staff is responsible for meeting the needs of owners, prospects, and tenants. Meeting and exceeding these needs helps keep your business healthy and growing on every level. (more…)


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