Organize and Share All Your Important Information

Propertyware organizes all your property, tenant, owner and vendor information into one secure location that’s available to your management team anytime, anywhere. A powerful search engine then puts all of this information at your fingertips. Search by properties, contacts, work orders, transactions and much more. Everything’s nicely organized, indexed and just one click away.

Custom Fields

Frustrated by the lack of flexibility with your current property management software? Are you forced to cram important data into notes fields that can’t be reported upon properly? There is a better solution.

Propertyware can be tailored to fit the needs of your unique business with powerful custom fields that can be set on virtually any record. Best of all your custom fields are searchable and can be included in reports, letters and customer portals.

Custom Views

Propertyware allows you to create personalized custom views that provide instant access to specific sets of data. Choose standard views of your information, or easily create custom views for the items most relevant to you. Custom views can include both standard and custom fields, with optional filters that dynamically update the list of data shown. For example, setup a custom view of Section 8 properties, expiring leases, upcoming inspections or anything else you can imagine.

Data Management

Have you ever considered how you would update multiple records in your property management solution? Odds are that you’d probably need to edit each record one by one. Imagine the valuable time wasted on tasks like these! Propertyware simplifies the management of your data with an intuitive Grid Edit feature that offers a spreadsheet-style display where you can speed up the task of updating multiple records at once.

Advanced Permissions

Propertyware sets itself apart from other solutions with the advanced user permissions that allow administrators to specify what users can do within the application. For example, you could create a permission set that restricts a user or group of users to specified properties with read-only access to certain areas of the application while hiding other areas of the application altogether. Best of all, you can manage all these settings yourself.