Track Your Property Expenses

Propertyware’s property accounting platform was built with single-family property managers in mind. As a result, it provides an intuitive experience and simple interface that helps property managers perform their accounting transactions as efficiently and accurately as possible. Within the platform, Propertyware offers a number of features to simplify and manage your bill payment process including:

•    Full vendor ledger
•    Tracking vendor credits
•    Categorizing payees by type (i.e. contractors, plumbers, A/C, etc…) for custom filtering
•    Calculating discounts or markups

Improve Bill Payment for Better Property Management

Successful property management requires that all financials are in order. Propertyware simplifies self-auditing through its powerful tracking system that provides a clear line of site between the work order, bill and payment. Its bill payment feature enables you to perform a wide range of functions from writing checks to tracking bill splits down to the property level.

Streamline the Accounts Payable Process

Propertyware streamlines the entire accounts payable process. All vendor invoices, bill payments, notes and even scanned copies of documents are available to your management team from one secure, shared location. There’s no need for your team to track down hard-to-find documentation related to certain payee accounts. All necessary information is made readily available through Propertyware’s efficient filing structure and search capability. We even enable your team to rate your vendors and provide additional comments, making it easier to identify the best resource for future jobs. Finally, bills associated with expenses on the owner statement can be published to the owner portal to provide answers to questions without the need for a phone call—saving you time and trouble.