Perform Property Inspections with Your iPhone®, iPad® and Android® Phone

Propertyware Inspections is brilliant and is saving our staff so much time every day. Thanks for making my job so much easier.

Lyn Tavares, Property Inspections, Coldwell Banker, Bermuda Realty

Is your property management inspection team tired of juggling clipboards, forms, pens and cameras while in the field? See how Propertyware’s Mobile Inspections App for the iPhone®, iPad®, and Android® phones streamlines all documentation and photos into one simple and convenient solution.  Using the Propertyware Inspections app on your mobile device allows your team to:

  • View and schedule new inspections
  • Locate directions to the property
  • Capture and upload photos
  • Follow the included Inspections checklist point by point
  • Add comments and notes
  • Get full functionality even when out of service range
  • Sync inspections report to Propertyware

Experience the Benefits of Integration

We have always hand written our inspection reports and saved photos separately. The inspector’s penmanship was often an issue. With Propertyware Inspections, our reports are clean, clear and photos are integrated right in, saving us a lot of time.

David Holt, CPM, MPM, President, R.P. Management, CRMC

With Propertyware’s Inspections app, you enter data once and only once.  Because it is fully integrated with Propertyware, all of your inspection data is automatically tied to the property, offering a full inspection history with one click. 

  • Access portfolio and property info
  • View and create schedules
  • Create work orders directly from the inspection
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Produce professional looking reports
  • Publish reports directly into tenant or owner portal

Document Property Damage–and Recover More Cash

Propertyware Inspections not only saves you money, but also helps you recover more expenses from tenants for property damage. Any charges resulting from damage can be documented, tracked and then applied to the tenant ledger prior to move out, so you aren’t left footing the bill. Full documentation ensures you have the backup you need, including photos. You even have the opportunity to mark up these expenses for additional revenue.

Increase Productivity for Property Managers

Having the new inspection program has shortened our process by 85% and strengthened our owner and resident communication 100%.

Ashley Moore Property Manager,

Both the desktop and mobile versions of Propertyware Inspections software greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on each inspection, freeing you up to be a more productive property manager  both in office and out.

  • Manage inspection calendar
  • Share schedules
  • Collaborate with your team online
  • View conversation history
  • Create work orders with one click

Customize Propertyware Inspections for Your Business

Propertyware Inspections offers a variety of customization options so that it works for your property management business and your unique inspections model. Its functional-level user access is secure enough to allow you to manage third party inspectors within Propertyware.  You can also create customized inspection checklists for your team to utilize in the field.

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