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Whether from their office or in the field, our vendor property management mobile app helps your vendors stay on top of their jobs, track time, receive work order alerts, attach pictures and notify you when the job is complete. Through the vendor portal, they can even submit invoices and attach receipts directly to the work order and then check payment status for completed work.

Vendors Get More Done and You Spend Less Time

Now you can get even more work done without leaving your office. Propertyware Maintenance helps you handle up to 67% more service requests without hiring extra staff. It’s super easy, just dispatch maintenance tasks and track vendor progress in real time from any cellular or Wi-Fi-enabled location. Automated alerts convey start times, completions and status updates and you can receive vendor time sheets, vendor comments and photos.

This way everyone is on the same page and you know every detail of the process from managing your vendors to dispatching work orders, tracking time and expenses to invoicing and more, allowing your team to complete more service requests in less time.

With Projects and the Vendor Portal you gain total visibility into all aspects of your maintenance:

  • See all projects from the dashboard and their status by location or view in date order.
  • Negotiated vendor prices are stored within the application and help expedite processing of work orders for high frequency tasks or replacement items.
  • Automatically calculate material costs and consumption by simply inputting your measurements present owners a detailed job bids with pricing for each task.
  • Progress updates in real-time including time tracking, comments, and pictures.
  • Generate company invoices to send to your client once the work is completed.
  • Present detailed job bids with pricing for each task so clients can see what they are paying.

Decrease Vendor Invoice Processing by 42%

Propertyware Maintenance makes invoice processing simple and easy so you don’t have to chase down vendors for invoices and receipts. The Propertyware Maintenance Vendor App lets you verify when work is completed, adds up time sheets and calculates mileage reimbursement.

Our Vendor App and Vendor Portal helps your vendors stay on top of the most important or time-sensitive projects from the very beginning all the way through to the point the work is complete and the invoice is paid.

Your vendors can:

  • Share progress updates all in real-time, including time tracking, comments, and pictures.
  • Trigger desktop or email alerts anytime they take action on a maintenance task.
  • Login to a unique portal, where they can upload invoices and see their payment status.

All of this is designed to reduce the time you spend answering questions, and eliminates the administrative workload on your staff for managing vendors and vendor invoices.

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