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5 Actionable SEO Tips for Property Managers

Actionable SEO Tips for Property Managers

Chances are, you love properties more than you love marketing them online. However, in our digital world, you must reach out and find new owners and tenants online. Mastering SEO and pay per click (PPC) marketing strategies can help make your online marketing pain-free for your management company. Here are 5 practices to keep top of mind. (more…)

What Google’s Layout Changes Mean for Single Family Marketing

single family marketing

Search engine optimization can be a complicated jumble of web pages, links, paid and social media, especially if you’re a small business owner like many in the single family industry. Why does Google keep changing the rules? It could be a secret money-making scheme, but we’re going with the likelihood that they’re trying to make their search engine better. In fact, this change presents new opportunities to improve your single family marketing efforts. (more…)

Your Property Management Website Checklist

property management website checklist

You’re a property manager because you love homes, and you love people. Developing a strong website will help you connect them both and better market your business. Use the following website features to help prospective tenants find you online and get to know your properties before they even come to visit: (more…)

Property Management Marketing: Build a Strong Foundation

property management marketing

Do vacant properties keep you up at night? Your future tenants are out there, and they need to know about your properties. As a property manager, make sure that your company is at the top of its marketing game. Competition is fierce: these diverse tactics will help you build a strong property management marketing foundation so you can find tenants for your single-family homes. (more…)

7 Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using

Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using

When it comes to real estate marketing, you’re challenged to make some smart moves. After all, your marketing budget and your time are both limited. You need to have a strategy to determine where you’ll focus your marketing and how wide a net you’ll cast as you’re looking for new tenants. These real estate marketing ideas will help you bring your property marketing to the next level. (more…)

Property Management Website Design: 8 Essential Elements

Property Management Website Design 8 Essential Elements

What is the foundation of your website? A strong web presence can draw in new tenants, selling them on properties even before they visit them in person. Whether you’re building a website for the first time or you’re renewing and rebranding an existing site, you need to consider the building blocks of a successful property management company website. Make sure that you include these 8 essential elements in your property management website design: (more…)

Property Management Best Practices: How Do You Compare?

Property Management Best Practices

As you climb to the top of the property management field, do you have a plan for success? To make your business the best it can be, it’s important to have the right tools and strategies in place. Implement these property management best practices to stay competitive and grow your single family business: (more…)

Creating Rental Ads That Attract Young Families

rental ads that attract young families

As a property manager, you work with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Each segment has unique needs, and your marketing practices should be customized accordingly. One key audience you may choose to promote your properties to is the young family- but do you know how to best reach them? Read on to learn how can you design your rental ads to appeal to these young families. (more…)

Single Family Home Rental: The New American Dream?


When you think of the American Dream, an image of a white picket fence likely comes to mind. What if you rented that fence and the property behind it, instead of owning? More and more Americans are choosing to rent. Why are people renting single family homes, and how can you leverage this opportunity? (more…)

New Features of Propertyware Website Templates

great property management website templates improve user experience

“Wow, what an amazing property. We have to check that one out!”

Do your property listings elicit this response?  Or are they just a few lines in a host of listings that your prospective tenants flip through while seeking a property that fits their specifications? Make your rental properties shine online with new website features. (more…)


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