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Three Zillow Rental Listing Tips for Property Managers

Three Zillow Rental Listing Tips for Property Managers

At any given time, your rental property may face hundreds of competitors in an increasingly aggressive, online medium. If your property is located in a popular neighborhood or you list at a peak time, the competition only grows. Zillow Rental Manager alleviates much of this difficulty by expediting the online marketing process. Follow these zillow rental listing tips to stay ahead of the crowd.

1. Take eye-catching photos

On average, prospects spend fewer than 5 seconds deciding whether a listing deserves further attention, so your listings need to stand out. Rental property listings with photos on average receive more views thus more leads. According to Social Media Today, content with relevant images get 94 percent more views.

The first step is to decide whether to stage a unit or shoot it empty. Both can be effective if done properly. Consider that an empty space can appear smaller and uninviting without proper lighting and attention to detail. Most opt for a furnished shot to add scale and allow a space to feel warmer; however, if you decide to shoot an empty unit, make sure to focus on the best features. For example, windows with fantastic natural light, hardwood floors, new appliances or a remodeled kitchen or bathroom. Don't forget the outside spaces. If your unit has a patio, make sure renters get a sense of the view from their potential home.

What if your property is still occupied? Many times, the tenant in the unit you’re advertising may have given notice, but has not yet vacated. This situation can present an opportunity. A furnished space allows your prospects to visualize themselves more easily living in the unit. If the current tenant consents to allow you to photograph the unit, offer a free visit from a cleaning service so that you both benefit from the experience.

Regardless of the style you choose, it is imperative that the rental listing photos you use are high quality. To ensure that you post the best photos possible, you may want to invest in a professional photographer. With lighting expertise and a knowledge of rental spaces, a professional photographer’s images will save you time and give you leads.

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2. Shoot videos

In November 2016, Zillow launched video walkthroughs on rental listings. Making use of this feature allows renters to visualize themselves in the unit. These short videos make it possible for prospects to move through a space – literally. A photo can convey much of what you want, but for a prospect to become physically acquainted with the space prior to a visit, this feature is nothing short of revolutionary.

Don't be intimidated if you lack a certain savviness with technology. Zillow makes it easy to create videos through the Zillow Real Estate App.

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3. Include a great headline and description

The headline is the hook. Online attention spans are short, so it is imperative that you start with the most important details. Lead with the price. This is almost always the primary driver for prospects. Next, list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Lastly, include an enticing feature that sets your unit apart. This combination of information is most likely to attract qualified leads.

With just a quick search, you'll find many sites with formulas for writing the best description for your rental property. Most of these formulas boil down to using compelling language and buzz words to describe your property. For example: “upscale,” “excellent schools,” “prime location” all work to draw in prospects and give your property a better web presence. Choose a great descriptor for your property using words such as charming, cozy, historic, modern or open concept. If your listing is in a desirable neighborhood, mention it. Let tenants know what's nearby, from specialty stores, such as Whole Foods, to accessible public transit.

Keep it brief. Imagine that you’re looking for a rental yourself. If you're looking for a place to live and have been wading through online listings for a while, it's going to get monotonous. Use exciting language, but don't expect your prospects to read a novel.

Follow these steps and you are certain to strengthen your web presence and attract the most inquiries from applicants.

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