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Year in Review: 4 Rental Property Management Questions to Ask

rental property management

The new year is an ideal time to examine your business, celebrate achievements and determine key areas to tackle in the year ahead. A great place to start is by reflecting on your rental property management business practices over the past year.

Here are four questions to ask yourself about 2016 as you establish goals for the new year. (more…)

6 Property Management New Year’s Resolutions

property management

It’s a new year, with new leaks to fix and new tenants to screen. How can you take your rental property management business to the next level? (more…)

5 Ways a Property Management Company Can Benefit Your Portfolio

property management company

Your rental portfolio is growing, and managing resident requests is getting more difficult. Maintenance at some of your properties needs extra attention, and renewals are just around the corner. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for you. Just keeping up is leaving opportunities on the table.

It may be time to enlist the help of a property management company to handle the details.

How RentVest Uses Technology Trends to Improve the Customer Experience

technology trends

When Benton Cotter of Arizona-based RentVest discusses technology, you can hear the excitement in his voice. “The experience of our prospects, tenants and owners has been completely transformed by technology,” he says. “Everything has gotten faster, easier and less frustrating, and it has happened very quickly.” (more…)

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Attract New Property Owners

property owners

“First and foremost, a professional property management company should have a solid reputation,” says RealtorMag.
Does your property management company stand out from the crowd? Build your reputation in your community to gain new property owners.

3 Dangers of Not Using a Cloud-Based Property Management System

property management software

As a property manager, you balance a myriad of day to day tasks, from communicating with tenants and owners to managing important documents. To keep up with it all, you need to spend your time as effectively as possible and minimize tedious, time consuming activities. But is your technology inhibiting you from doing so?

Here are the top three dangers of managing your business without a cloud-based system.


Disaster Recovery with Property Management Software

property management software

Violence, hurricanes, fires, and burglary are only some of the disasters that could devastate your business. Are you prepared? (more…)

How Rental Property Owner Satisfaction Impacts Profit

As a property manager, your goal is to bring more of rental homes into your management portfolio. In this article, we’ll share how to make your owners happy and get them talking about the superior service your business provides. (more…)

3 Ways to Keep Rental Property Owners Happy


There are already 22.6 million landlords in the US, and every day there are 544 new ones*. As a property management company, what’s the secret to managing this business relationship, and why is it important?

Decide to Grow with Rental Property Management Analytics

Rental Property Management Analytics

Is your rental property management business intelligent?

According to Small Biz Trends,

“previously, data had to be manually pulled into spreadsheets, custom calculations had to be created, and then data was exported into graphs for analysis.”

This laborious process made it difficult to get accurate data on your business. But with new tools, you can measure growth with business analytics software. Find out more! (more…)


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