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Supporting Single Family Growth: CrestCore Realty Profile

CrestCore Realty, LLC

As with many property management companies, the home leasing boom in recent years has been good for CrestCore Realty, LLC. Each month, the Memphis-based owner and third-party manager sequences through several dozen properties, either turning existing inventory or making new acquisitions in need of rehabbing.


How and Why to Encourage Tenants to Make Online Rental Payments

Online rental payments

As a property manager, you need to have tenants who pay you accurately and on time. When you implement an online rental payment system, you make payment easier for your tenants. Today, digital payments are common, and people are more likely to be willing to pay their bills and their rent online. For your business, this means that you’ll be paid quicker and the entire process will be easier for you and your tenants. (more…)

5 Ways Property Management Software Can Make Your Business More Efficient & Cost-Effective

property management software can make your business more cost-effective

As you develop your business, you’re striving for success. Whether success means excellent tenants, a bustling balance sheet, or stellar employees, it can have similar underpinnings. You need to create the systems within your business that allow you to become more efficient. With property management software, you can build those systems and help your business grow. (more…)

Are You Making These 5 Rental Property Management Mistakes?

property management mistakes can cause headache

Rental property management isn’t always easy, but you can make it easier on your business by adopting best practices in your field. As a property manager, you need to ensure that your employees, your contractors, your tenants, and your properties all work well together. Avoid these five property management mistakes, and you’ll put your business on the road to success. (more…)

New Technology to Control Kitchen Fires


Technology to combat kitchen fires on the way to becoming standard on electric stovetops

Home sensory technology that can tell a resident it’s time to get a new carton of milk is chalking up one for property owners in the form of kitchen fire prevention. (more…)

Taking the Stress Out of Distressed Properties

distressed rental housing property

In a world of new, shiny rental homes, some hidden gems await. Distressed homes that need repairs are there for the right kind of owner who can add a little polish and create a comfortable, safe residential experience. (more…)

Think Smart: Using Mobile-Compatible Technologies For Rental Housing


A docking station or outlets aplenty to harbor smart devices is far from enough to make today’s home techno complete. New technologies that integrate with the home and control temperatures, door locks, sprinkler systems and security systems are giving the modern house a new image. (more…)

Protecting Nature’s Greatest Asset: How Proper Tree Care Enhances Properties


The value a tree provides to a home and neighborhood branches far beyond shade relief on a hot summer’s day. Research shows that trees help fortify not only the appearance of a community but also the physical and mental fitness of its residents. (more…)

‘Speed Rounds’ will add some pep to Monday afternoon at RealWorld

speed rounds

The Propertyware track at RealWorld has a Monday afternoon pick-me-up in store.

New in 2015, the fast-paced “Propertyware Speed Rounds” will team up audience members to compete and collaborate on tasks, trivia, and idea-sharing. You may not even have time to finish your caffeine-charged latte.

Easy, Low-Budget Ways to Improve Any Kitchen


Guest Blogger:

Bryn Huntpalmer, Editor of

Looking to maximize your rental income without spending a lot of money out-of-pocket? Tenants don’t want to cook in a dark, cramped, outdated space. Increase the wow-factor of your property by updating your kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are nice, but if you’re remodeling on a budget, read on for some easy, low-budget ways to improve your kitchen. Plus, if you decide to sell in the next 5-10 years, a mid-range kitchen remodel  can give you up to a 70% return on your investment, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report

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