Landscape Designs for Smaller Properties Becoming More Linear, Structured


Home landscaping is becoming a little more square and a little less shaggy.

Smaller garden-style homes with small outdoor areas are an opportunity to offer a new, crisp look and reel in those natural, cluttered landscape styles that have been in style in recent years. (more…)

Has Smart-Home Automation Arrived Yet to Your Rentals?


In this article we begin to explore the probable impact of “domotics” or Home Automation and the Internet of Things to the rental home industry. (more…)

Protecting Your Asset: 7 Tips to Safe Grilling

flaming charcoals in kettle

Tenants will flock to their grills on backyard patios everywhere this Labor Day Weekend, marking the start of the end-of-year holiday season when feasts get prepared on open flames. For the next four months, through Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, savory aromas wafting from kitchens and patios will tantalize the senses and put appetites in overdrive. (more…)

8 Steps to a Healthy Fall, Winter Lawn

fall lawn shutterstock_117100894

While summer will be winding down soon in some parts of the U.S., thoughts will turn to fall landscape preparation. And given that the drought is easing in several parts of the country, the next few months will provide a great opportunity for property owners to establish healthy winter lawns for their residents. (more…)

Effective Maintenance Management: People, Processes and Technology


Rain or shine, keeping your properties in tip-top shape is necessary for happy owners, happy tenants and excited prospects. But getting it all together behind the scenes can be a messy process.

Effective management of repairs and expenses goes beyond getting good deals on replacement items. As with many business applications, properly managing maintenance issues often comes down to people, processes and technology. (more…)

Reducing Property Crime: 7 Tips to Help Create a Crime-Free Atmosphere

shoes 111

School is right around the corner and many families are getting settled into new neighborhoods with new schools. With so much activity, it’s easy to miss some signs of undesirable neighborhood activities, such as sneakers knotted together by their shoelaces dangling from utility wires. (more…)

5 Signs That You Need Cloud Software to Better Manage Your Vacation Rentals

vacation rental keys

Stay a step ahead of the growing vacation rental vertical with the right tools

It’s no secret that more Americans are turning to vacation rentals over traditional hotels and other lodging. A recent spike in bookings has sent the industry on a growth spurt that the experts say will continue to grow through 2019. (more…)

Firework Safety Tips for Single-Family Property Managers [Infographic]

Firework Safety

From cherry bombs to sparklers, bottle rockets to roman candles, Americans love their fireworks, especially when celebrating Independence Day. But the thrill of fireworks can also bring pain, causing serious burns and eye injuries. (more…)

Energy Rebates and Incentives for Single-Family Housing Pay Off


Finding energy rebates and incentives may be akin to herding cats. If corralling these little critters that hold the key to lower utility costs and energy conservation were so easy, you can bet that everybody would be tending to them. (more…)

The Burning Question: To Ban or Not to Ban E-Cigarettes in Single-Family Housing?

Electronic Cigarettes

To ban, or not to ban e-cigarettes: that is the question landlords, business owners and city governments are asking themselves as the latest public health debate is becoming more than a smolder. (more…)

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