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Create or Modify Drainage Systems Carefully During Periods of Flooding, Heavy Rain


Some home landscape drainage systems have been put to the test by recent heavy rains and flooding throughout parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Many properties that traditionally haven’t had problems diverting water away from structures and off the grounds suddenly have had issues with erosion, standing water and even flooding. (more…)

Expanding your Networks by Combining Technology and Tried-and-True Methods


Guest blogger:

Melissa Prandi, MPM, RMP, president & CEO, PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

Technology is a great asset in today’s rental housing industry, especially when it helps better manage our businesses. Applying tried-and-true methods can help develop relationships and partnerships for decades. (more…)

7 Ways to Help your Home Weather Severe Storms


In some parts of the country, rain from thunderstorms and severe weather has been welcome, especially in drought-stricken areas. But storms that destroy property, damage trees and disrupt our day-to-day lives are never welcome. (more…)

A Reason to Remodel: Changes to Bathrooms and Kitchens in Housing

Kitchen Remodels

Now that the economy is better, homeowners are treating their senses while pampering themselves without leaving home. (more…)

Take the Headaches out of Maintenance by Creating a Vendor Matrix

Vendor Matrix

Maintenance is not only a dirty business but an area of the rental housing business that can quickly get out of control if a reliable vendor management system isn’t in place. (more…)

How Standardized Pricing Can Help Alleviate Unforeseen Maintenance Costs


Effective maintenance management can begin where the buck stops. Negotiating standardized pricing with qualified vendors will take the guesswork out of maintenance costs on jobs big or small. (more…)

Is your Pool up to Par? 5 Ways to Get Ready for Inspection

Pool Inspection Tips

While it may be too cold to use the pool in many parts of the country, property managers and owners should warm up to the idea that it’s time to start thinking about getting pools ready for the summer season. The first thing to do is get the pool inspected. (more…)

How Planting Gardens can Benefit the Landscape and Environment


Property owners and managers can add a little color and variety to their landscapes and at the same time help a growing effort to restore the nation’s bee population. (more…)

The Suite Life: How In-Law Suites are Showing up in Today’s Homes


Since 2010, the popularity of in-law and multigenerational living arrangements has been a topic at the family dinner table and in home design circles. More families are combining resources and sharing living spaces, driven partly from fallout of the Great Recession and the aging of parents. (more…)

How In-Residence Shelters can Provide Safety and Value for Properties


Tornado Alley has been uncharacteristically quiet this time of year. The official tornado season is already under way, and the region known for its twisters has only produced a couple in late March. (more…)

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