How Standardized Pricing Can Help Alleviate Unforeseen Maintenance Costs


Effective maintenance management can begin where the buck stops. Negotiating standardized pricing with qualified vendors will take the guesswork out of maintenance costs on jobs big or small. (more…)

Is your Pool up to Par? 5 Ways to Get Ready for Inspection

Pool Inspection Tips

While it may be too cold to use the pool in many parts of the country, property managers and owners should warm up to the idea that it’s time to start thinking about getting pools ready for the summer season. The first thing to do is get the pool inspected. (more…)

How Planting Gardens can Benefit the Landscape and Environment


Property owners and managers can add a little color and variety to their landscapes and at the same time help a growing effort to restore the nation’s bee population. (more…)

The Suite Life: How In-Law Suites are Showing up in Today’s Homes


Since 2010, the popularity of in-law and multigenerational living arrangements has been a topic at the family dinner table and in home design circles. More families are combining resources and sharing living spaces, driven partly from fallout of the Great Recession and the aging of parents. (more…)

How In-Residence Shelters can Provide Safety and Value for Properties


Tornado Alley has been uncharacteristically quiet this time of year. The official tornado season is already under way, and the region known for its twisters has only produced a couple in late March. (more…)

Can your Resident’s Pet be Classified as a Service Animal?


On the rise are instances of pet owners trying to pass off Fluffy or Fido as service animals to skate around no-pet policies in rental homes. (more…)

Giving your Residents that Ultimate Backyard Experience


Outdoor amenities that fell by the wayside during the housing downturn a few years ago are making a comeback now that the economy has improved. (more…)

Save Water and Green: The Wonder of Drought-Resistant Grass


Despite persistent drought around the U.S. this year, the grass can still be a little greener. (more…)

Making a Splash: 2015 Color Trends in Single Family


Color is a state of mind. Reds represent warmth and even rage, while cooler colors like blue soothe emotions and calm the savage beast. Even social or cultural levels, as well as personal relationships and the state of the economy can influence what shades pass muster and those that don’t. (more…)

Older Generation of Renters may be a Strong Target Market


The last thing any third-party property management company wants to see inside a unit is a Hangover movie sequel produced by irresponsible renters. People who don’t own their homes don’t always treat a rental property like they would want to be treated. (more…)

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