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Property Management Marketing: Are Email Campaigns Effective?

Property Management Marketing: Are Email Campaigns Effective

Who uses email? If you ask this question in a crowd, chances are that more than ninety percent of people would raise their hands. Email usage is ever-present and people aren’t just emailing for business and pleasure. They’re also reading and responding to email marketing campaigns. While you might think email marketing only adds to an individual’s inbox load and would be frequently discarded, these campaigns are a surprisingly effective way to get the word out about your company and your rental properties. (more…)

Can Your Property Management Software Do This?

property management software

Can your property management software leap tall buildings in a single bound? Maybe not, but today’s products can do everything but that, it seems. When you’re seeking a new property management software system, look for one that doesn’t stop with organizing and managing data. Today’s property management systems can do that and much more. (more…)

6 Rules to Grow Your Property Management Business Landing Pages

Rules for Landing Pages That Grow Your Property Management Business

Creating an engaging landing page is an integral part of business growth. Your landing page needs to make a great first impression, and it needs to make your sales pitch to your potential clients in a simple, effective way to help grow your property management business. (more…)

6 Ways Property Management Software Can Simplify Your Property Management Business

property management software

Managing multiple properties requires you to balance quite a few responsibilities, and if your to do list is longer than you can manage, it’s time to get some professional help. You need to be able to set priorities, manage ongoing needs, and follow through on fast-moving questions or concerns. When your property management needs feel like they’re out of control, property management software can help simplify your work day. (more…)

9 Best Practices You Should Start Using in Your Rental Property Management Right Away

Practices You Should Start Using in Your Rental Property Management

Rental property management can be a juggling act. When you’re managing multiple properties, you need to prioritize urgent needs, manage and resolve chronic problems, and act in a proactive way to ensure that your properties are well-maintained. Learn from the experiences of industry experts and adopt these 9 best practices for your business: (more…)

Cashing in on Millennials: They Love to Rent

Millennials love to rent

When you think about your ideal target market, who comes to mind? This could include families who are looking for a home, seniors who are downsizing, and singles or younger couples who want to remain flexible as they look for a permanent place to call home. For some, renting is a stop along the path to a home purchase, but for others renting is a lifestyle choice. Increasingly, millennials are moving into the rental market- and they’re not just renting because they have to, they’re renting because they love it. (more…)

Use Your Property Management System to Automate the Renewal Process

Property management system can automate

Lease management: it’s an integral part of your business as you aim to ensure good tenants stay on and challenging tenants move along. When you need to renew the leases of your tenants, you need a process that’s smooth and simple. Using a property management system saves time for renters and property managers alike. (more…)

Problem Contractor? 4 Ways Your Property Management System Can Help

Property management system can help

It’s the end of the week and you’re getting ready to go home, when you get a call. The contractor hasn’t shown up to a job, and your tenants are annoyed. Did you forget to call the contractor, or is there a problem with the person you’ve hired to do the job? If you’re having trouble juggling the needs of your tenants and what your contractors can do, a property management system can help. (more…)

4 Ways a Contact Center Improves Customer Service

Smiling contact center representative

No one likes to wait in our world of instant connection – people are used to getting what they want, when they want. Sitting on hold can be a frustrating experience for a perspective owner or tenant. And if they don’t get the information they need after finally talking to someone, they can form a negative perception of the company. (more…)

How to Maximize Your Rental Property Management Office Space

Rental Property management

Small business owners are always looking for savings that can help them reinvest in their business. Office overhead is one of these, but you want to ensure your employees have what they need to manage the business professionally. How can you maximize the space in a smaller office so that employees have room to grow your rental property management business? (more…)

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