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Single Family Home Rentals: What Does the Future Look Like?

Home Rentals What Does the Future Look Like

In June, the NRHC and Green Street Advisors’ Advisory and Consulting Group together published an in-depth research paper packed with stats that illuminate the current market for home rentals and projections for the coming years. Their findings should be of interest (and quite encouraging) to people in the business of renting single family properties.

In short, a number of factors point to a bullish market for single family home rentals over the next five years, including the modest growth in supply of homes; strong demand due to demographics and the growing attractiveness of homes relative to apartments; and a greatly tightened lending environment that has made buying homes (vs. renting) more difficult for many. (more…)

Decide to Grow with Rental Property Management Analytics

Rental Property Management Analytics

Is your rental property management business intelligent?

According to Small Biz Trends,

“previously, data had to be manually pulled into spreadsheets, custom calculations had to be created, and then data was exported into graphs for analysis.”

This laborious process made it difficult to get accurate data on your business. But with new tools, you can measure growth with business analytics software. Find out more! (more…)

Green Rental Properties – Interview with Gary Wollenhaupt of ProudGreenHome

green rental property

“Through 2016, certain upgrades are eligible for tax credits, such as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems, and specified types of water heaters.”

Want to take advantage of these incentives and create green rental properties? Learn how in our interview with Gary Wollenhaupt of ProudGreenHome.


When to Update a Property Management Business Plan

property management business plan

Your property management business plan guides you through the challenges and opportunities that arise in any business environment. How often should you change it? (more…)

How Rental Property Software Streamlines Your Work

rental property software

When you get to the office in the morning, you have high hopes for a productive day—but inevitably, papers pile up and unexpected problems arise. If you’re struggling to keep up or you want to get ahead of the game at work, you need the right tools to support your efforts. Rental property software acts as a workplace assistant and makes the work day simpler for property managers. (more…)

Rental Property Management in the Olympics?

rental property management

If you’re aiming to be on the Olympic team of property managers, you need a coach to help drive your business to new heights.

Rental property management software can help lead you to property management gold with the training and tools that will help you measure and assess your performance along the way. (more…)

Enter the Rental Property Management Olympics

rental property management

Get ready, get set, and…juggle a question from a vendor on the phone while managing multiple email transactions and dealing with a challenging home inspection. Does property management feel like an Olympic event? With rental property management software, you can manage many of those repetitive tasks more efficiently, so you have time to focus on moving your business forward. Here’s how we can help.


7 Tips on Dealing with Bad Tenants

bad tenants

Bad tenants: they’re the bane of the property manager’s existence. But there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself from the pain. You’ve heard the old joke: “This would be a great business except for the customers.” It’s not about property management per se; problem customers are among the biggest headaches in any service business. (more…)

How Low Maintenance Landscaping Saves Time, Money and Labor

low maintenance landscaping

Homes with drab landscaping rent more slowly, for less money, but those with fancy landscaping can require lots of maintenance. So how do you achieve a good-looking yard that enhances rental value without creating an expensive, labor-intensive headache? It’s easier than you might imagine to create low maintenance landscaping.

Here are eight tips for striking the perfect balance between beauty and ease of upkeep. (more…)

4 Property Manager Tips to End Hectic Days

Reporting Options You Need in Today's Property Management Industry

It’s Monday morning at your property management office. You open your email, and you’re already overwhelmed. Then the phone rings. It’s a tenant, wondering why you haven’t scheduled that plumbing repair they’ve needed for a week. The next call is your plumber, explaining that they haven’t received payment for the last job and they need a check right now if they’re going to work on a new one. Your email is full of new tenant applications, questions about whether you can take on another property, and much more.



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