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4 Tips to Improve Asset Management for Your Rental Property Portfolio

Rental property portfolio

When you’re managing properties, you’re managing some of the largest assets that anyone will ever own. According to the National Real Estate Investor, the property management role is now moving into one that focuses on strategy. Rental homes can generate a steady income for your business, but you need to manage them as you would manage a portfolio, studying and nurturing these investments. (more…)

How Rental Property Accounting Software Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Rental property software

As a property manager, you may have a business mentor, someone you look up to who has given you advice throughout the years. Informal and formal mentorship can help you make better business decisions. In the digital realm, there’s another mentor you can use, one who’s available 24 hours a day. Rental property software provides you with insights that allows you to identify business trends and understand some of the successes and challenges of your business. (more…)

Treating Tenants Like Customers with Tenant Web Pay and Tenant Portals

Treating Tenants Like Customers with Tenant Web Pay and Tenant Portals

While the relationship between tenants, owners, and property managers is more complicated than a typical customer relationship, it’s one that revolves around customer service. It’s worthwhile to invest in your tenants. In a look at landlord-tenant relationships, LinkedIn states that “the average renter is responsible, has plenty of disposable income and a desire to live in a clean and safe home.” As you seek excellence in your rental property management, try to re-frame your tenant-manager relationship as one that has customer service at its core. (more…)

5 Things You Need to Know About Property Management Accounting

5 Things You Need to Know About Property Management Accounting

As your property management business grows, you work to grow your workforce and your practices with it. Solid property management accounting practices are one of the keys to your business success. When you’re running a business that focuses on managing single family home rentals, how can you keep on top of your accounting and ensure that your employees and tenants remain on top of their budgets and payments? (more…)

Are You Getting the Right Mobile Solutions for Your Property Management Business Needs?

property management business

Is your business mobile? As you work to develop your property management company, flexible tools can help you bring your business online to serve your tenants, owners, and employees. (more…)

4 Property Accounting Reports to Help Your Rental Property Management Business Increase Profits

property accounting reports

If your rental property management business got a report card, what grade would it receive?  To know how you stack up against the competition, it’s important to identify challenges and successes in your business. (more…)

New Property Management Products and Services to Grow Your Single Family Business in 2016

property management software

As 2016 begins, you may be considering new ways to improve your property management business in the New Year. Developing goals is important, but how will you ensure your business stays on track to achieve them when day-to-day challenges start to arise? To be successful, your company needs to be equipped with the right tools. (more…)

How to Make Running a Rental Property Management Business Less Stressful

how to make running a rental property management business less stressful

Running a successful property management business is rewarding, but can also be a busy, 24-hour a day sort of job. There seems to be no end to the needs of each property and tenant, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the constancy of these needs. However, rental property management software can provide you with the necessary tools to manage these needs more efficiently, making it much simpler to run your business. Here are a few practical tips to make running a rental property management business much less stressful. (more…)

How to Modernize Landscapes at Older Rental Properties


Modernizing landscapes improves the look of older rental properties. Demand for rental properties is in many cases driving investment of older homes. Often accompanying acquisitions of aged housing are out-of-date fixtures, architectural designs and landscapes – or no landscape design at all. (more…)

The Connection Between Rental Property Management and HOAs

rental property management and HOAs

You’re an organization, they’re an organization:  Can you work together? If you’re a property manager working with homeowners’ associations (HOA), you need to know how to navigate this relationship and have a clear understanding of responsibilities to ensure you maintain a good working partnership. (more…)

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