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“The Fix Is In”: LaTonya Green Spearheads Propertyware’s Product Improvement Initiative


Recruited from travel technology giant Sabre, LaTonya Green is ahead of schedule in executing Propertyware’s mission to continually improve products. (more…)

Top Five Upcoming Single Family Conferences and Events

single family

In today’s connected society, it hardly seems worth the time and expense to attend professional conferences. Don’t give up on the experience, though. Professional conferences are more than just a way to bring people together. They influence how you connect with others in the single family industry, provide new ideas for your business and help you devise new growth strategies. Digital can never replace meaningful face-to-face interactions with your peers or educational opportunities in a classroom, not to mention the camaraderie.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, have fun and run into a few of your favorite Propertyware team members at any of these events below: (more…)

Prepping for Severe Weather: The Home Depot Shares How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

prevent frozen pipes

Prevent frozen pipes with these simple recommendations from The Home Depot

Spring is almost here—but severe weather continues to span the nation, and the biggest March blizzard to date is expected to hit this week. When temperatures dip below freezing, homes are at risk of frozen water pipes if proper insulation and protection is not applied. Being proactive to ensure that pipes don’t burst and cause thousands of dollars in water damage is a good rule of thumb during the winter. (more…)

Eight Ways to Prepare for Tax Season

property accounting software

In a perfect world, we prepare for tax season all year long. In this scenario, we are 100 percent organized, all of our records are pristine and all the information we’ve ever collected from a tenant or property owner is complete and accurate.

Don’t laugh too hard! We all know tax season never goes that smoothly and even if your business was completely organized and efficient, your renters and clients are only human. Keep Murphy’s Law in mind; errors will occur. (more…)

How to Appreciate Loyal Rental Property Tenants

rental property tenants

You have overcome the first hurdle of property management by attracting high-quality tenants. Congratulations! Now, you approach the second and possibly most difficult hurdle: retaining quality tenants in your property after they sign the rental agreement. What positive steps can you take to ensure that your rental property tenants remain satisfied?

Read on to discover some of the possibilities. (more…)

How to Simplify Rent Week

We’ve all heard the dreaded “The check is in the mail” line on rent week. It is so cliched, that it is cringe worthy, but sometimes true. Even the most reliable tenant forgets or experiences tight finances, necessitating a last-minute dash to the post office or to your office to pay rent on time. Unfortunately, that is not the end of the most hectic week of the month. The hours spent logging the checks and making the trip to the bank for the deposit – and you’ll be lucky to do it in one trip – adds unnecessary strain to your busy life. With broad and easy access to technology, a better way exists for both you and your clients. Switching to an online rent payment system can be a scary proposition, but the payoff in time and money is well worth a little effort in the beginning. (more…)

4 Ways Property Management Software Can Reduce Late Rent Payments

property management software

Late rent payments are an inevitable part of our business, and one of the more uncomfortable to deal with. Slow payment impacts cash flow, and chasing rent down wastes your valuable time. But property management software can help you greatly reduce the frequency of sluggish payments. (more…)

Science-Based Irrigation Made Easy for Property Management

property management

Free service enables property management companies to water lawns more efficiently

Getting the maximum benefit from home irrigation systems through evapotranspiration technology (ET) or “smart irrigation”  is getting easier. Texas A&M established the AgriLife Extension, a website that aims to help homeowners prevent overwatering without the need for a high-cost ET system. (more…)

Critical Renter Moments: Improving Tenant Retention with Screening and Leasing

tenant retention

You’ve done all the right things to attract a good prospect and bring them to a leasing decision. But somehow, they drift away before signing on the dotted line. It happens to everyone, sometimes for reasons that can’t be avoided. But on certain occasions, the lease could have been saved if things had been done a bit differently. Let’s look at some key ways to improve tenant retention: (more…)

Saving Untold Hours with Property Inspection Software

property inspection software

Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean compromising. The right technology should help you do the things you already do better, while also saving you time. Inspections provide a perfect example. In fact, today’s property inspection software makes you wonder how you ever handled inspections before. (more…)


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