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Property Management Tips to Keep Your Homes in Move-In Ready Condition

Keep Your Homes in Move-In Ready Condition

Is your property management business ready for peak leasing season? Whether your properties are vacant or occupied by tenants, making sure you are prepared for move ins and move outs can be challenging. Use these property management tips to keep your properties in great shape and move in ready. (more…)

Rental Property Accounting: Stepping Things Up As Your Business Grows

rental property accounting

Are you still managing your accounting with spreadsheets or simple online accounting programs designed for household use? if so, it’s time to move your rental property accounting into a new era. Take control of your finances with a cohesive accounting system that seamlessly integrates with your tenant and owner information and contractor billing. (more…)

Foreclosure Property: Ugly Duckling or Golden Goose?

Foreclosure property

It’s not pretty, but is it a good investment? That’s the question you may ask yourself about a prospective purchase, especially when the property in question is in foreclosure. Foreclosure can be financially messy for individuals and it can leave a mess behind for future property owners and managers as well. However, when you’re a rental property management company, sometimes it pays to look beyond the faded facade. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

Do you know how to catch an owner’s eye? When you’re attracting real estate investors and property owners, you need to have a solid marketing plan. These investors and owners are the basis of your business, and they need to know about the value and reputation of your property management business. You can use advertisements to draw in owners and investors and enhance your property management marketing. (more…)

The Newest Tool for Single Family Property Managers

single family property managers

Leading single family property managers get where they are by learning from the best. They understand that relationships are the center of business, and look to others in the industry for ideas on how to improve- and what to avoid. They also stay up-to-date with industry news and trends, applying this knowledge to their property management companies. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: What’s Working and What Can Be Improved?

What's Working in Property Management and What can be Improved

“Begin at the beginning,” said the King in Alice in Wonderland, and he was right. When it comes to setting goals for your property management business, you need to begin with a sound understanding of where you are right now. After that, you can work toward future growth. Use a business assessment of your rental property business can help you understand the state of your management company and where to focus your energy. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: How to Set Goals to Help You Grow Your Property Portfolio

How to Set Goals to Help You Grow Your Property Portfolio

Ambition is a beautiful thing, but realism is also extremely valuable. As you’re setting your company goals, you need to consider how much you should expect to grow and what it will take to reach that goal. Why is setting goals important? Your growth goals and your business plans need to be aligned, providing a framework that shows how your company can succeed. When you know your business goals, you can create a focused property marketing campaign to move toward them. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: Become a Property Management Resource

Become a Property Management Resource

You may be exceptional at managing properties, but does everyone understand the depth of your expertise? One of the ways to help potential owners and tenants understand your place in your field is to increase brand awareness by becoming a tried-and-true property management resource. Whether you’re writing blogs about specific neighborhoods or advising owners about some of the tricky maintenance issues they’ll face, you can become a trusted resource in your field by sharing relevant information. (more…)

New Features of Propertyware Website Templates

great property management website templates improve user experience

“Wow, what an amazing property. We have to check that one out!”

Do your property listings elicit this response?  Or are they just a few lines in a host of listings that your prospective tenants flip through while seeking a property that fits their specifications? Make your rental properties shine online with new website features. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: From Attracting Property Owners to Documenting Processes

from attracting property owners to documenting processes

Growth: it’s the desire and goal of any successful business owner, and it’s what your property management business strives to achieve. But is your growth sustainable in the long term? To develop a solid and reputable property management company, start with a deeper understanding of how your business works. (more…)

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