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How You Can Streamline the Workflow of Rental Property Management with Electronic Signatures and Cloud-Based Storage

Rental property management

Are you considering creating an electronic signature for your business transactions? While it’s satisfying to put pen to paper, a signature by any electronic means is still a signature. According to an article on LinkedIn, “significant productivity gains and expense reductions can be achieved by the widespread use of electronic signatures.” By improving your workflow and document storage, electronic signatures can streamline your rental property management business. (more…)

Rental Property Management and the Fair Housing Act

Rental property management and fair housing act

To protect your property management company, you need to understand and comply with the laws regarding fair housing, commonly known as the Fair Housing Act.  Keeping this in mind, this article briefly addresses how the Fair Housing Act may apply to your rental property management company.**


Growing Your Property Management Business: Managing Your Property Management Reputation

Managing Your Property Management Reputation

Develop a reputation as a supportive property manager, and encourage clients to share this online.

In business, your reputation is everything. Even if you’re a smaller property management company, if you can build a big reputation, you can tell prospective owners and tenants that you’re a company that can be trusted. When you’re wondering how to grow your business, consider how online business reviews can bring down or boost your property management reputation. Take control of your property management business by managing your reviews. (more…)

4 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Provide Better Service to Property Owners and Tenants


How do great property management companies become great? They provide customer service that’s a huge step above the rest. By being the best property management company for your tenants, owners, and yes, even your contractors, you can develop a strong reputation and continue to rise above the competition. Here’s how you can improve your service day by day. (more…)

Thought Leader Series: Tips to Make Sure Rent Payments are Collected on Time

rent payments should be collected on time

Making sure tenants pay their rent is an important, but sometimes unpleasant, part of a property manager’s job. While the majority of tenants do pay in full and on time, that doesn’t mean collection of rent payments can be done on autopilot. (more…)

6 Strategies to Improve the Leasing Success of Your Online Property Management Business

strategies to improve the leasing success of your online property management business

You want your properties to be filled at all times- but in some markets, that goal is difficult to achieve. When you run an online property management company, you need to use your leasing savvy to achieve success in the rental market.

Here are 6 strategies that can help you become more successful in leasing: (more…)

3 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

Peak Leasing Season Is Coming 4 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

The busiest time of year is almost here: peak leasing season! As spring arrives and families, students, and other tenants begin to think about what their plans are for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer, they often begin to look for a new home. These four tips will help you develop a strong leads pipeline so that when your tenants move out, more will move in quickly. (more…)

Boosting the Reputation of Your Rental Property Management Business With Yelp

online reputation

As a responsible rental property management business, you want your online reputation to be a strong part of your overall business reputation. How can you boost the reviews of your rental property management business on online venues such as Yelp? (more…)

How to Make Your Property Website Content More Relevant and Increase Rank

Property management website content

In property management business marketing, your website is the main tool that draws in search engine traffic. But how can you create a property management website that attracts the right individuals and converts traffic into tenants? By using relevant and credible content that is SEO optimized, you can make your property management website into your best promotional tool.  (more…)

How to Protect your Property Management Nest Egg

property management

When you own a property management business, your work is about more than simply completing a job. As an entrepreneur, you pour your time, energy and talent into growing your business—and often work well beyond the typical 9 to 5 schedule. The business represents your livelihood, and its success impacts your ability to live a comfortable life, provide for your family and prepare for retirement. Your business is your nest egg—but is it protected? (more…)

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