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Property Management Best Practices: How Do You Compare?

Property Management Best Practices

As you climb to the top of the property management field, do you have a plan for success? To make your business the best it can be, it’s important to have the right tools and strategies in place. Implement these property management best practices to stay competitive and grow your single family business: (more…)

How to Keep Tenants Happy: A Cheat Sheet for Property Management Companies

keep tenants happy

When your tenants are content and treating your property well, life is much easier as a property manager. But how do you ensure they have a positive rental experience with your company? By investing time and energy in your properties and your tenants, you can improve the landlord-tenant relationship and keep tenants happy. (more…)

Single Family Home Foreclosures: Business Opportunities Waiting to Happen

Single-Family Home Foreclosures

While the market is starting to swing up once again, the foreclosure crisis is far from over. For property management professionals, this presents an opportunity to find exceptional deals on single family homes. Expand your portfolio and provide homes for new families by investing in single family foreclosure investment property. (more…)

Growing Your Rental Property Management Business: How to Use Social Media as a Business Tool

social media for business

Marketing on social media helps you to reach a diverse audience and quickly adapt to changes and trends. If you are a property manager who wants to use social media for business marketing, here’s what you need to know to help your network and your business grow. (more…)

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Owning Rental Properties

how to avoid the pitfalls of owning rental properties

Property management involves working with multiple clients and stakeholders, and it can be difficult to balance everyone’s needs while moving your business forward. At its worst, tenants can be late on the rent, owners can be disgruntled, and you can be caught up in legal or interpersonal issues that take up your time at the office. In this article, you will learn helpful rental property management tips that prevent common pitfalls of owning single family properties.  (more…)

How Property Management Software Can Maximize Business Efforts

how property management software can have a positive impact on your business

Running a rental property management business can be exhausting, but the use of modern tools and software streamlines efforts and helps your business grow successfully. Are you a property manager with a growing portfolio? Are you struggling to stay on top of countless property maintenance requests? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you would benefit from using the right property management software. Read on to learn how property management software can maximize efforts at your business.


Growing Your Property Management Business: Skills for Success

Property Management Business Skills For Success

Why are you in the property management business? You might come from a background in property maintenance, or you might have experience in real estate. Chances are, this has prepared you with the in-depth knowledge and experience to excel in a few aspects of your property management business. However, it’s a rare person who has property management skills needed for their business to take off.  (more…)

Your Rental Property Management Business Wish List

rental property management business (2)

Whether it’s quality tenants or well-maintained properties, you probably have a long list of wants for your rental property management business. While managing your business takes effort, the right technology and tools help you stay organized and efficient. We’ve created the ultimate wish list that will simplify your day-to-day routine and support your business efforts. (more…)

Handling Maintenance Emergencies: Tips to Improve Tenant Retention

maintenance emergencies and tenant retention

It’s 1am, and as your tenants sleep, the washing machine is finishing up its last load of the day. Unfortunately, the hose to the washing machine has broken. Water pours over the floor and makes its way into a storage closet where it seeps into boxes, causing damage to your tenants’ belongings. In the morning, your tenants discover that there’s been a flood and call to report the problem. Needless to say, they are unhappy- and your property management company needs to fix the problem. Can this story have a happy ending? What measures can you take handle maintenance emergencies and keep tenants happy? (more…)

Creating Rental Ads That Attract Young Families

rental ads that attract young families

As a property manager, you work with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Each segment has unique needs, and your marketing practices should be customized accordingly. One key audience you may choose to promote your properties to is the young family- but do you know how to best reach them? Read on to learn how can you design your rental ads to appeal to these young families. (more…)


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