How to Record an Application Fee in Propertyware


The Propertyware Portals module allows you to collect application fees from prospects and deposit those fees directly into an income account. Recording application fees in Propertyware is simple and has two parts: it must be set up as a charge in your Propertyware ePayment setup and then it can be recorded. (more…)

Six Tips to Help your Landscape Survive Severe Storm Season


Studies in recent years suggest that North American weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable. This year’s outbreak of tornados was relatively quiet until a fierce round of storms in mid-April. But two years earlier, twisters cropped up in record numbers and caused substantial damage in several states. (more…)

Deck Safety Month Means Time for Deck Checks

Deck Safety Month for Rental Housing

It’s been a long, cold, and crazy winter for the majority of the United States and we’re all ready to head outside to enjoy some decent weather for a change. If your properties have any sort of attached deck (elevated, especially), now is the time to have them inspected so everyone can gear up for a fun and safe summer. (more…)

2014 Home Building Trends Could Impact Single-Family Rental Market


The face of the home rental landscape could change in 2014 if trends identified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for home ownership take root in the single-family rental market. New homes are getting bigger and the scope of amenities is changing. (more…)

How Property Managers Can Tackle Crazy Ants—w/o Losing Their Sanity

Extreme close up of head of tawny crazy ant

Property owners and managers may want to enlist the help of a qualified pest control specialist and let tenants know about the new wave of ants that some say is coming in biblical plague-like proportions. (more…)

Property Owners: Recommendations for Winter-Proofing Homes from Pests

Image of mouse in kitchen eating bread

Just like we do, pests seek warmth and shelter when the temperatures turn cold. The winter months are some of the most active for household pests like rats and mice to invade homes. (more…)

7 Landscaping Tips to Prep Your Rental Housing for Spring

Image of wheelbarrow with pruned plants and branches in garden

With blizzards, cold fronts, and polar vortexes headlining the news, the last thing on the minds of property owners may be getting out that green thumb. But now is the time for the prudent landscaper to get some much needed spring preparation done for the landscape. Just bundle up. (more…)

5 Tips for Better Password Security

Tips for Better Password Security

Last month it was Target. This month, Neiman Marcus takes a turn in the media spotlight. The common thread tying these retailers together surrounds high-profile security breaches. (more…)

5 Signs That You’ve Got Bed Bugs!

Image of a Bed Bug (Ick)

Property owners who think bed bug problems are confined to apartments and hotels – high-density inhabitations – may want to think twice. Bed bugs don’t discriminate on where they set up shop; they are just as much at home in a one-story rental home as they are in a high-rise. (more…)

How to Generate 1099-MISC Forms in Propertyware


It’s the end of year and we all know what that means: generating and sending 1099-MISC forms. Propertyware can automatically fill in the blanks of form 1099-MISC, producing either a print-out or e-Filing. To help ease the process a bit, we’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about this process. (more…)

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