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7 Reasons Why Property Management Inc. Franchisees Voted Propertyware as Vendor of the Year, Again

7 Reasons Why Property Management Inc. Franchisees Voted Propertyware as Vendor of the Year, Again

In September, the Property Management Inc. (PMI) franchisees voted Propertyware as the 2017 Vendor of the Year, for the second year in a row. Leading-edge rental property management software is a necessary piece to the growth and success ofnot just our franchiseesbut for any property manager who wants to grow their business.

Designed specifically for residential property management, RealPage’s Propertyware has made it possible for managers to do many necessary tasks with one integrated system. Here are 7 reasons why Propertyware is an asset to your property management business.

1. Automated notifications with tenants and owners

Propertyware is committed to helping property managers save as much time as possible so you can focus on what’s most important: running your business. Propertyware automates messages for your tenants so that they can be informed about upcoming fees or important news like rent or policy changes, but you won’t have to spend valuable time drafting and sending messages on a monthly or weekly basis. They are automatically generated and sent on schedule.

2. Real-time communication with employees, tenants and owners

Clear communication is essential for any property management business’s success. Propertyware helps make sure your employees, property owners and tenants are all on the same page by allowing them to communicate online in real time with their own Propertyware Conversations network. There is no delay on the delivery of important information.

3. Comprehensive accounting

Propertyware’s powerful accounting program gives your business the tools it needs to manage your finances and meet your property owners’ cash or accrual needs. Track deposits, payments, and bill information, and generate a wide range of reports and property-level budgets. Propertyware integrates with QuickBooks and owners and tenants can access their accounts online at anytime for an instant update.

4. Effective rental property marketing

Advertising properties and finding tenants are as vital to successful property management as maintaining positive relationships with the tenants you already have. Propertyware will assist you with creating accessible, informative, and appealing listings to attract renters.

5. Automated tenant screening

Tenant screening through Propertyware allows you to receive applications online, accept application fees electronically and screen prospects in real-time with an easy-to-read comprehensive report. Propertyware allows you to customize and set standards that allow you to find the best quality tenants while staying in compliance with Federal Housing Rules & Regulations.

6. Streamlined automated maintenance process

Propertyware streamlines the maintenance process from beginning to end, making it as easy and efficient as possible. Propertyware’s 24/7 Maintenance Contact Center makes sure every message is answered quickly and efficiently. Propertyware will then manage every aspect of the maintenance process by contacting vendors, tracking expenses, and invoicing tenants or owners with fees. You can make your property maintenance as consistent as possible by compiling standardized tasks and fees for any future work orders to reference.

7. On-the-go access

Propertyware’s cloud-based software means property managers don’t have to worry about hosting or maintaining their own data. Instead you can access Propertyware around the clock anywhere with an internet connection. This helps make sure your data is secure and comes in handy if you want to check or manage accounts on site or anywhere outside of the office. Propertyware’s mobile app make its many features all accessible from your phone so you don’t have to worry when you are away from the office.

Jamie Harris is the Executive Director of Accounting for Property Management Inc., a property management and real estate services company providing leading-edge technology, training, systems and support to more than 200 franchises. The PMI franchise network manages $5 billion in assets globally and has been recognized as a leading property management franchise.

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