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Enter the Rental Property Management Olympics

Enter the Rental Property Management Olympics

Get ready, get set, and...juggle a question from a vendor on the phone while managing multiple email transactions and dealing with a challenging home inspection. Does property management feel like an Olympic event? With rental property management software, you can manage many of those repetitive tasks more efficiently, so you have time to focus on moving your business forward. Here's how we can help.

Manage and Analyze Data More Efficiently

You're racing for the gold but get stuck tying your shoelace again and again. That's what property management feels like sometimes. With property management software, you can manage and analyze your data more efficiently. You'll be able to digitally file documents, communicate with others on your team, and submit inspection reports on site. The data analysis and mobile capabilities of property management software will save you time filing and integrating that data later in the day.

Communicate More Effectively

Your tenants and owners have questions, and you have the answers. However, you don't want to answer the same question over and over again. A tenant and owner portal can help. You can place answers to frequently asked questions into the portal, and you can put information about payment amounts and due dates there, as well. By giving tenants the ability to easily make online payments, you'll eliminate much of your communication around late rent.

Customer service (for both internal and external customers) requires the ability to provide answers to important questions. But is it possible to automate your process and still offer personalized support? With property management software, you can facilitate more effective communication while saving time. This means the questions that need to come to you will land in your inbox, and your FAQ and computer system can help your tenants and owners answer other questions for themselves.

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Automate Tasks

Forbes says that over the next decade, "technology will automate routine cognitive work." There are many important yet tedious tasks that you need to accomplish as a property manager. For example, it can be difficult to ensure that prospective tenants are the right fit for your property when they apply. With property management software, you can develop a tenant screening process that automatically sends you those tenants who are a good match, eliminating much of the initial legwork.

Share Your Best Property Management Olympic Event

What is the craziest, weirdest, or downright stupidest thing you have to do as a property manager all the time? Do you have to stand on one foot while holding on to a rain gutter to adjust the satellite dish after a storm?

Will your event be in the list? We'll publish in a future blog. In the meantime, why not view an online demo of Propertyware?pixel

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