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Why You Should Invest in a Solid Social Media Strategy

Why You Should Invest in a Solid Social Media Strategy

Our world is more connected than ever before. For some people, mobile phones could be an extension of their arms—with people constantly checking the news, tweets and Facebook updates. By now, most property management company owners have realized that they should have a strong digital marketing strategy. Are you one of them?

Industry leaders, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have paved the way to a more connected world. When Facebook was initially launched, who knew that it would become a key player in the game of communication?

Social media is constantly changing, but one concept remains the same: it’s important to have a solid social media strategy in place. There are many tried-and-true practices you should adopt, with my favorite motto being to keep it simple.

As seen on LinkedIn, there are many self-proclaimed “gurus” who seek to advise how your company should be using social media. Not only should you be skeptical of these people, but you should be doing your own research. You have access to an abundance of numerical data at your fingertips. Find out what’s working for your company and build a strong, consistent social media strategy around it.

Social media is the digital face of your company and the best way to showcase the look and feel of your brand. I have collaborated with marketing clients across multiple industries, and a reoccurring theme within the single family property management industry is a lack of consistency online.

Social media gives you the opportunity to showcase your services and responsiveness, promote your properties and serves as a platform for your company’s message. Research indicates that social media influences your rankings on Google. Social media provides a way to build relationships with your current tenants and can encourage them to become an advocate of your brand. In addition to brand awareness, social media can increase your potential leads. If your potential clients are on Facebook and following their favorite brands right now on Twitter, why would you not be invested in social?

What are some of the ways your company is currently using social media? Share with us in the comments below.

Ashley Tluchak focuses on marketing communications at RealPage, Inc., a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. Ashley has a background in journalism, social media and content marketing and is a University of North Texas graduate. In addition to her career at RealPage, she is a portrait photographer and volunteer marketing chair for a Dallas-based nonprofit organization.

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