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Property Manager Job Description

Property Manager Job Description

Most of you already know how critical it is that you find and hire the absolute best possible property manager job candidate you can, to provide tenants and owners alike with the absolute best customer service possible while increasing the net operating income for each of your managed properties.

So how do you do that? How do you find the diamond in the rough? A lot of work and a little patience helps, but also using the sample job descriptions below and following these tips can greatly increase your chances of successfully hiring a property management professional who can positively impact your business on day one.

Format of an Awesome Property Manager Job Description

  • Eye-Catching Job Title
    You need to stand out from the crowd to attract the best, so make the job title jump out from the page. Include the name of the position as well as a few of the best selling points of this job, like a competitive salary or excellent benefits.
  • Humanized Intro
    Ok, the opening paragraph may not a tearjerker, but you get the drift. An emotional pitch can show you are an engaging company of human beings and not a drab robotic company. A single paragraph listing the top three most exciting aspects of your company and their job will go a long way.
  • Tell Your Company's Story
    What interests candidates is knowing your company has an energetic and engaging culture, is stable and professional, and works with and for interesting clients and technology.
  • Sell The Job Posting
    Include the bare essentials of perhaps three must-have requirements but avoid laundry lists, you want the best candidate to interview with you so don't scare them away. You can always go into further details when they are sitting in front of you, but until that time keep the posting informative with hours of work, salary, office culture, benefits, and perks. Keep it interesting but concise.
  • Location, Location, Location
    Not only for buying or selling real estate, but also for attracting top talent. If you own a small or rural business, it can be competitive to get the best so you have to let job seekers know why they want to work for you. Put it all out there if it's relevant; short commutes to downtown, great schools, low crime rate, thriving arts district, busting at the seams with restaurants and shops. Whatever the 'it' factor is for your location, sell it.
  • Next Steps
    Let them know what happens next by detailing your entire hiring process. Keep it brief, but keep it clear and show the steps like; Apply-Email invitation to Interview-Phone Interview-In-Person Interview-Start. A great candidate may be motivated to work for you if they know by this time next week they could be earning a paycheck.
  • Run It By The Crew
    The best way to know you are writing a killer job posting is to run it by the people in your office. Seek honest and concise feedback, and make the changes if you all think it's right. Also, remember they need to know what you're saying to the new hire about your company.
  • Follow-up with Email
    If your hiring process promises prize candidates that they'll be receiving an email, send them an email. Of course, you need to do some early vetting here, and this step although at the bottom of the list is still vital. You can sort out quickly who it is you want to pursue further even before getting to the interview stage. And remember to keep the emails personable but professional, clear, concise and reinforce to the candidate that the role they are interested in will be one worth interviewing for.

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Example Job Description No. 1: For an Experienced Property Manager

W-9 Employment Tax Form

Job Summary

The Property Manager is responsible for achieving the highest possible property net operating income through the implementation of effective cost control and revenue improvement programs.

Specifically, the Property Manager will develop and implement marketing plans, operating budgets and forecasts to meet the company and owner's objectives. A minimum of three years prior experience in Property Management is preferred. Industry designations like CPM, CAM, NALP, or MPM is a major plus.

Experience with leading property management industry tools like Propertyware and RealPage is desired. Please respond to this ad with your resume and salary requirements. We offer competitive pay and company paid benefits. EOE

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $65,000.00 /year

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Example Job Description No. 2: For an Assistant Property Manager

Job Summary

The Assistant Property Manager is responsible for effective computing, classifying and recording numerical data to keep financial records accurate. They assist with the day-to-day leasing, marketing and resident relations for the community.

Essential Functions

  • Process rental payments and obtain primary financial data for property accounting records
  • Prepare and deliver notices to residents
  • Provide exceptional service to residents, future residents and internal team members
  • Listen to resident requests, concerns and comments
  • Assist in marketing activities as needed
  • Assume Property Manager's duties in their absence
  • Follow Bridge policies and procedures and comply with Fair Housing, state and federal laws
  • Follow all safety procedures and notify supervisor of safety hazards
  • Regular, on-time attendance
  • Special projects and other responsibilities as assigned

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  • Competence in the use of standard office equipment including telephones, Internet, fax machine, and photocopier
  • Intermediate computer and data entry skills
  • Must be professional, energetic, organized, detailed and service-oriented at all times
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to communicate with residents, co-workers & management tactfully

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High school diploma or equivalent; Must possess a valid Real Estate Agent's License (most states)


Minimum of two years combined leasing, marketing, or operations experience

Work Environment

Regular office work, however, occasional outside duties in all weather conditions


$33,000 to $56,000 depending on experience and education.

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The job description is the part where you go into detail. It should indicate the responsibilities and expectations that your company has for the new employee. In case you're still not sure, see the points below:

Property Manager Hiring Considerations

Smiling female property manager talking to a prospective tenant on the phone

They'll be expected to take on responsibilities which include daily operations, finding, screening and keeping qualified tenants, overseeing the financial operation of the properties they manage and keeping their properties well maintained and attractive to future tenants with the mutual goal of preserving the value of the rental property.

Facility Management

One of the primary jobs of your property manager is ensuring the real estate under their management is well-maintained and occupied. This can include promptly responding to resident complaints such as emergency maintenance issues, the scheduling of regular maintenance or repairs, managing or finding reliable contractors and negotiating their contracts, and of course conducting regular walk-through inspections of the properties they manage.


This can often be overlooked by property managers, but is a key factor in driving interest and therefore ensuring rental rates and occupancy of properties is sustainable. A lease won't be signed if new tenants are not aware that your property is available. When discussing the Property Manager Job Description with your candidate, spend some time on this point with them. Let them know that the vital part of their job, includes finding qualified tenants to fill vacant properties through advertising, prompt follow-up of inquiries, and showing of apartments to prospective residents.


Your property manager's job should focus on keeping tenants happy wherever practically possible and resolving the tenants' complaints promptly. Also, a huge piece of the property management puzzle comes from screening and selecting qualified tenants. Finding the best possible renter first can save your property management company a lot of money and headaches later.

Speaking of headaches, creating and enforcing of rental agreements is a desirable property manager skill, invariably at some point, a tenant will break a condition of their lease agreement more than once and have to be evicted. Job seekers should understand that this is the least fun part of their job that without question must be carried out if the time comes.

Last but not least, collecting security deposits and rent is the lifeblood of your business and prompt consistent collection can drastically increase your NOI.

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This is a business that relies on consistent reporting. Another desired skill in the property manager's job description is the ability to keep and maintain records. It's unlikely you'll find a property manager with Accountant-level bookkeeping skills, but if they are truly seasoned they should have an understanding of how to maintain the following;

  • A balance sheet as a snapshot of a property's financial position
  • A general ledger which provides greater details from the balance sheet, income and expense statement that reflects the actual income and expenses compared to the budgeted income and expenses
  • Accounts payable reports which provide property owners a money trail of expenses and debts paid
  • Tenants receivables which go into detail for things like rent collected/delinquency/deposits
  • Copies of reconciled bank statements for owners that verify all of the above


The other side of the coin from residents is property owners. Without the owner, you'd have nothing to manage. So, it is key when you look to hire a new manager that you highlight the fundamental property manager duty is to drive net operating income (NOI) and keep the owners happy.

Put in place processes where property management includes the sensitive responsibility of communicating with property owners regularly on issues like vacancies, financial issues, resident issues and the physical condition of their rental property.


It isn't always true that you get what you pay for, but is almost certainly true that if you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys. So, keep your salary offerings truly competitive. In order to attract the interest of an experienced property manager, understand that the salary offered must reflect the value you place in them. The national average for experienced property managers is approximately $54,000 per year but can range from $36,000 up to $79,000 depending on experience, qualifications and the location of your real estate business.


Finally, you'll want an organized self-motivated job seeker with good references that possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills and a real estate license (if your state requires that). As well as someone who is experienced with local, state and federal housing laws and competent with general office and financial reporting software.

If you need someone that can contribute right away while being a positive addition to your company, follow the steps we went over in this article. If you want the best available, they need to know you want them and what you want from them. Best of luck and happy hunting!

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