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How to Reduce Rent Processing Time by up to 42% – While Thrilling Your Residents

How to Reduce Rent Processing Time by up to 42% – While Thrilling Your Residents

These days, most people greatly prefer to take care of business online. In fact, it’s becoming unusual to see people writing checks. So why should it be any different when it comes to paying rent? Online rental payments are a huge hit with renters, allowing them to pay when, where and how they want to – by credit card, debit card, e-check or ACH – even using their mobile devices!

You get paid more quickly, and there’s no more manual check processing to burden your staff. And, paying vendors and owners is faster and easier too.

Everyone wins. There are no processing fees for you to pay, and Propertyware Payments more than pays for itself in saved time and hassles.

If you’re already using an online rental payments system other than Propertyware’s but are a Propertyware user, you’ll make a huge leap in efficiency by switching to our solution to take advantage of integration with your core software. No more double entry or importing of data. What’s more, Propertyware Payments is completely integrated with the owner and tenant portals, and lets property managers and owners view their ledger balances anytime, anywhere.

Rescuing the first week of every month

Traditionally, the first week of a property manager’s month has been dominated by check processing. Propertyware Payments reduces this time drain by up to 42%, freeing your staff for more productive tasks. Of course there will be those tenants who still prefer to pay by check; but Propertyware Payments incorporates check scanning, which matches the checks to tenants and enters their payments, extracting the information it needs for the bank and tenant ledger. No more time-consuming, error-prone data entry, copying, filing and trips to the bank.

An automated rent reminder helps ensure renters get the payments in on time. And Propertyware Payments gives you a heads-up if there’s eviction or collections activity in progress.

Easily transact with owners and vendors

You’ll be able to quickly and easily pay vendors, make owner disbursements and accept owner funds for repairs and other costs. Vendors appreciate the quick, accurate online payments and reward you with loyalty and better service, and owners love having online visibility into all payment activities through the Owner Portal.

$11 billion worth of confidence

Propertyware Payments is powered by RealPage, which processes more than $11 billion in payments annually. So you can be certain your transactions will be secure.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see what a huge return Propertyware Payments can deliver. Talk to your Propertyware representative about putting it to work for you today!

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