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Online Rent Payment Software Solution Overview Presentation

With so many transactions happening quickly and conveniently online in the age of ACH, credit and debit cards, the property management business is one of the few in which old-fashioned paper checks are still the dominant form of payment.

Trouble is, paper checks aren’t the way most people like to pay for things anymore. And at your office, they’re even more of a hassle, requiring data entry, mailing and trips to the bank.

Propertyware ePayments puts an end to the hassles and headaches of paper checks. Allowing you to accept e-checks, ACH, credit and debit cards, and check conversions for personal checks and money orders.

Our online payment solution also helps move funds to and from your owners via owner portals. Owners can check their balances and make contributions by credit card or electronic check (ACH). And they’re notified by email when funds have been added to their accounts or when tenants have given notice to move out.

It’s even a great way to pay your vendors, automatically notifying them of pending payments.

Ready to Make it Easy to Accept Online Rental Payments?

Learn more about how our ePayment system can save you and your renters time and headaches. Contact us for more information on online rental payments!


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