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How to cut your renter property maintenance busywork in half with software. Really.

Rental Property Maintenance Software Makes It Easy

Seems like there’s always something that needs fixing, and the calls never seem to stop. But with our Propertyware Maintenance software you’ll have a birds-eye view of all maintenance activities, and stay in control of every job from service request to completion. Everything happens in a single system: no loose ends, nothing falling through the cracks. And owners and tenants stay informed, so you don’t waste time chasing down answers.

Using one integrated solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage requests from tenants and owners
  • Assign jobs to your maintenance people
  • Keep track of expenses and time spent on each job
  • Notify owners of job costs and progress
  • Keep track of vendors, including work orders and invoices
  • Get invoices, estimates and approvals where they need to go via Internet
  • Invoice tenants and owners as needed
  • Build in management fees where applicable
  • Schedule and monitor recurring or seasonal maintenance
  • Track appliances and other assets, along with repairs and warranties
  • Use mobile devices to reduce inspection time in half
  • Monitor move-outs, move-ins and associated cleaning and maintenance

Ready to Set Your People Free?

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