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How to customize reporting of operational performance and financial results for rental properties.

Reporting Quick Look - Rental Property Management Software

Propertyware Allows You to Create Your Own Custom Reports. Others Can’t.

Offering several different kinds of custom reports isn’t the same as having a customizable reporting platform. A truly customizable reporting tool, it puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to start from the ground up to create whatever kind of report you need to make your business run smoothly and get the answers you need. 

CREATE REPORTS FROM SCRATCH - See data at the highest or lowest level. Then set up reports to show as much detail as you want. Then organize by folders and more!

SCHEDULE RECURRING REPORTS - Choose from daily, weekly, monthly or custom to generate reports as often as you want!

EDIT, FILTER, SORT - Edit, filter and sort data based on your needs! All of this can be done on the fly and saved at the report level!

EXPORT IN PDF OR TO EXCEL - Options to export your data for further use and sharing. Our exporting functionality supports both excel and PDF exporting.

EMAIL OR PUBLISH IN REAL TIME - Simply email or publish any report and allow the recipient to view it in real-time!

CREATE VISUALS WITH PIE CHARTS, GRAPHS - Quickly and easily take your data and customize visuals with pie charts, graphs and tables.



Learn how Propertyware helps you manage more with less, and give owners customized property management reports exactly how they want them, when they want them, quickly and easily. Learn more at Propertyware Reporting or contact our sales team.

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