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How to answer every resident maintenance request, night and day, without losing sleep.

Property Maintenance Call Center Review - We Never Sleep

When you’re managing 2,100 homes you’ve got loads of maintenance calls to answer, night and day. As General Manager Ben Trombly of CrestCore Realty says here “we just wouldn’t be able to do that.”

That’s why his property management company (along with lots of smaller ones) counts on Propertyware as their front line in handling maintenance requests. Our Maintenance Call Center handles every call 24/7/365, and creates work orders ready for dispatch.

Most renters list prompt response to maintenance requests as the #1 factor in landlord satisfaction. So when you partner with our call center, you’re not only taking a burden off your people; you’re also taking a big leap in customer service.

Learn more about you can free up your people’s time and keep your tenants happy with our Maintenance Call Center.

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