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How to deliver rental home inspection reports to property owners in hours instead of days.

Rental Property Owner Portal Software Review

Listen to Bob Alleman of JWC Realty exclaim "WOW" as he describes how his inspectors upload their reports directly from the field into Propertyware Owner Portals so owners can access them in a matter of hours rather than the five days it once took.

That's just one small example of the kind of information Propertyware Owner Portals make immediately available to your owners, day after day. They give your clients comprehensive, real-time visibility into what's going on with their portfolios, without having to call your office to ask questions. Our Owner Portals also provide a centralized location for back-and-forth communication, eliminating messages forgotten in email inboxes or on sticky notes. And they're a great tool for online payments to and from owners as well.

Empower your clients with instant access to information on their portfolios. Read more and request a free trial of our innovative Owner Portals.

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