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Propertyware’s fee management streamlines your commission collections and calculation of owner draws.

Propertyware Fee Management

Simplify Your Rental Property Management Business’ Fee Management with Propertyware.

Online Payments
The first step to fee management simplification is creating online payment processes. Adding a tenant portal to your website allows them to pay quickly and see what they owe. Access to online information about payments makes all fee management-related processes easier to handle.

Automated Fees
Propertyware calculates your fees and the owner's share of the rent faster and more accurately than mere spreadsheets. Automating the process will help ensure accuracy while also decreasing the time it takes to complete fee management tasks. Define the calculations that you need to make, add markups, one time fees, and balance minimums. Your property fee management software should be able to make this process far easier for you.

Transparency for Owners
Owners like to be able to see the status of their properties and their payments. Create an owner portal that's connected to your fee calculation and payment information, and you'll be able to easily communicate the amounts paid and owed, as well as your fee structure to owners. Owners can get statements online or on paper, and you can choose from different statement types that you can easily customize with your corporate information. Choose flexible tools that offer the option of personalization so that owners can get the specific information that they want.

Easier Property Management Fees and Taxes
Does the end of the tax year make you anxious? When you move your fee management online, you can automate FTB (Franchise Tax Board) withholdings so that you collect and remit the correct percentage of rent when required. According to Let's Talk Property Management, "failure to issue a Form 1099 and file Form 1096 results in penalties and potential disallowances of deductions for those amounts paid." Online property management tools can also create electronic and paper 1099s and 1096s for your owners and vendors so that the end of the year is much easier to manage.

You're working to become a leader in the rental property management business, and you need an ally. Propertyware can help. Our software products allow you to seamlessly simplify your property management fees so that you can easily accept payments, modify fee structures, and communicate with owners. Take a free online tour of Propertyware today.

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