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How Propertyware allowed Jim Stevens to grow his property management company without adding headcount.

Rental Property Management Software Review by Jim Stevens

Property management involves all sorts of different functions. From accounting, to leasing, to maintenance, marketing and beyond. What Jim Stevens like about Propertyware is how it pulls all these functions together into a single, integrated system. Eliminating duplication of effort and redundant data entry, and improving the consistency of information. So, in the example he gives here, your marketing doesn’t show a property as unavailable that your property management system says is ready to rent.

But most of all, Stevens says, Propertyware allows him to grow his company without growing his overhead. Because Propertyware is built to scale up as you expand without forcing you to change your software and processes or add lots of staff. Its efficiency allows your people to cover more properties in a lot less time.

Why piece together software apps to run your business when you can get it together with Propertyware? Learn more about our comprehensive, fully integrated rental property management solution today.


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