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How reports keep the data you need at your fingertips and you in command of every aspect of your business.

Property Management Software Dashboard Reporting Review

When Jeff Shelton arrives to work in the morning, he fires up Propertyware for a birds-eye view of everything he needs to know for the day.

With customized reports and dashboards at his fingertips, Shelton instantly understands what needs attention. And convenient hyperlinks let him jump directly to the tasks at hand. Whether they involve expiring leases, marketing, maintenance or other areas of his company’s business.

Shelton credits Propertyware with allowing him to effectively manage a lot more properties with far fewer people than one would expect. He concludes:

“We wouldn’t be the company we are without Propertyware.”

Ready to feel truly in command of every aspect of your property management business? Learn more about the control you get with Propertyware rental property management system today.


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