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Propertyware Helps Tidewater Focus on the Winners

Brandon Reed Testimonial

Brandon Reed came into his family’s 35-year old single family property management business with a background in IT. That’s why it didn’t take him long to see what the business was missing by managing the old-fashioned manual way, with minimal software tools to assist them.

What Did They Discover?

One of his first discoveries after overseeing the implementation of Propertyware was that Tidewater was spending too much of its time on a group of around 100 properties that didn’t generate enough revenue to justify it, indicating that the company was better off cutting them loose and spending their time on more lucrative clients. This is the sort of profit-boosting information Reed says was not evident without good software to point it out.

The Owner Portal is Critical to Their Business

But what’s equally important to Tidewater is their owners’ ability to access information. In this video, he mentions the ease of creating owner reports they can access through a simple URL, so they always have a lens into what’s going on at their properties. And for more information, they can visit the owner portal, which he told us is one of the main reasons he chose Propertyware. “It gives them an overarching view of their portfolios as well as the ability to drill down to see details when they want to,” Reed said in the full interview.

“It goes far beyond just a statement,” he told us. “They actually get to see in real time what the value of their portfolio is, their rent roll, whether their tenants have paid their rent, and maintenance requests that they can approve, deny or leave comments about. They can view all of their documents–not just management contracts, but their leases and everything else.”

Saving Time So They Can Focus on Clients

It’s all about the client relationships, Reed says, and Propertyware has allowed Tidewater to manage more effectively while keeping clients informed and satisfied. It has also greatly reduced busy work by automating processes that were previously completed manually, occupying time the staff could have been spending on client service, sales and attention to the properties themselves.

Tidewater has become so efficient that they’ve been able to parlay their success managing with Propertyware into lucrative property sales as well, with rental clients enthusiastically hiring them as sales agents when the time comes for them to unload properties.

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