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It Looks Like A Million Dollars


Introducing a new, sleek, user-friendly Money In interface.

Propertyware is making Accounting more streamlined with a fresh, new look for the Money In module.

  • Accounting functions consolidated in a single tab
  • Streamlined look and feel
  • Mobile-responsive design

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On-the-Go Convenience for Tenants

Streamline Tenant Communication and Reduce Costs

Propertyware’s new Tenant Portal design update offers the following benefits for a fresh, easy-to-use and mobile-responsive portal for tenants:

  • Provides clear, concise, easy-to-find payment options
  • Streamlines communication and reinforces lease/community standards
  • Reduces PMC calls, emails and costs

In Market Now

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We’re Raising the Bar on Tenant Screening

Set your guidelines. Get simple-to-read reports, fast.

Save time and boost rental revenue with the enhanced Tenant Screening solution from Propertyware. This revolutionary, customizable platform gives you even more power to make quicker, more informed decisions while maximizing occupancy and reducing risk.

  • Customize based on your priorities: our configurable, easy-to-use setup wizard allows you to adjust criteria to best match your business goals and company policies.
  • Perform instant criminal records searches: cut down wait time for status updates
  • Get easy-to-read reports: in seconds, get an actionable report with a score based on your ranked criteria
  • Add guarantors: override capabilities allow you to add guarantors when needed while setting different criteria for applicants and guarantors


Do More with Text Messaging

Respond in Real Time

Propertyware continues to improve the property management experience with our latest feature: integrated text messaging. Now, you can respond in real time to resolve tenant issues, update owners, keep vendors on track and operations running smoothly.

  • Improve service response times
  • Reduce incoming calls
  • Boost satisfaction scores
  • Save and print texts


Our New Owner Portal Puts You in Control

owner portal screenshot

A new look. A whole new level of service.

An even higher level of service with our new Owner Portal. Owners now have access to the documents and data they need, anytime, anywhere, on any device. And you have the flexibility you need to share only what you choose to.

  • A better brand experience for your owners: modern, branded design
  • Control of the owner experience: you choose what data to provide
  • Flexibility: responsive design means they can use it anytime, anywhere


Our new dashboard makes everything easier.

Looking fresh!

Our fresh, new user interface is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate with a dynamic, mobile responsive dashboard designed with customer input that increases productivity—every day. Enjoy:

  • Maximized screen and work space
  • Consolidated accounting functions
  • Configurable dashlets for your convenience
  • Automatic transfer of existing dashlets
  • Two different UI options


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