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3 Dangers of Not Using a Cloud-Based Property Management System

3 Dangers of Not Using a Cloud-Based Property Management System

As a property manager, you balance a myriad of day to day tasks, from communicating with tenants and owners to managing important documents. To keep up with it all, you need to spend your time as effectively as possible and minimize tedious, time-consuming activities. But is your technology inhibiting you from doing so?

Here are the top three dangers of managing your business without a cloud-based system.

Danger #1: Double Data Entry Takes Too Long

If you're struggling to analyze data, it's likely that a spreadsheet is the culprit. While spreadsheets are a way to collect and store data, when your business grows, the volume of data becomes unmanageable. Spreadsheets are also terrible at data analysis. If you want to use the data you collect to improve your business, you need to shift to a more powerful cloud-based collection and analysis tools.

Danger #2: Inability to Access Files Outside of the Office

With software products that are based on your office computers, your data can't flow when you're away. Your owners and tenants want after hours service, and they need you to be able to access data when you're at their property, not hours or days later. Property management software solves your mobility challenges:

  • With a mobile inspection app, you can organize inspection data on the spot.
  • With document management tools and electronic signatures, you can bring up leasing agreements and get tenants to sign them while you're at the property.
  • It gives you access to your data in an emergency. Even if your office suffers a disaster, your data will still be there in the cloud.

Danger #3: High Volumes of Calls and Emails

Are you overwhelmed the constant call and emails that come in from tenants and owners? Using tenant and owner portals, you can track communications and provide information such as account data in a timely manner. These systems also allow owners and tenants to easily find the data they need, when they need it.

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With cloud-based software, you can communicate with owners and tenants more effectively

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Rental Property Management Software

Propertyware can help your business:

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