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4 Tips to Create Better Listings for Your Single Family Properties

4 Tips to Create Better Listings for Your Single Family Properties

When you're trying to target your listings for your single family properties, you need to understand who's looking at them. The Telegraph says that "Getting to know the target market can allow landlords to take advantage of a niche that others may not have exploited." Whether you're looking for a tiny niche or wanting to capture the shifting demographics of your city, by targeting your listings to your audience, you'll have better, more specific outreach and find new tenants quickly and easily.

1. Research Your Audience

Who's coming through the door of your rental properties- and most importantly, who isn't? One neighborhood might attract young families, while another is mostly of interest to corporate couples or retirees. If you would like to reach a new group of potential tenants, it's important to understand who's interested in that neighborhood and why. Look at demographic surveys, talk to local business owners, and discuss changing neighborhood demographics with your current tenants to get a sense of the needs and interests of that area. Look at larger trends as well, and be prepared to let go of some of your misconceptions.

2. Know their Housing Needs

Different people have unique and specific housing needs, but you can gain insights into the housing needs of a demographic through research. Some needs may be simple but easily overlooked. For example, seniors may want properties that have some of the features of their former homes, such as simple and easily accessible places to garden. Some millennials may want homes that can be shared by a group of singles living together. Consider how your rental properties could meet the needs of specific demographics, and promote these key features in your listings.

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3. Understand the Amenities

The success of your property rental business also rests on your neighborhoods. Different groups of people are interested in different local amenities. While a young family values access to schools, day cares, parks, and swimming pools, seniors value access to libraries, community centers, and walkable communities with places to meet with friends. Know how your property and the amenities around it come together to provide a full package for your prospective tenants and include these benefits in your listings.

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4. Target Your Communication With Property Management Software

With property management software backing up your website, you can tailor communication to better serve your desired audience. Utilize online posting tools to instantly update websites and property listings. Our solution supports low-cost lead generation and enables you to receive real-time updates the moment leads start rolling into your website.

When you're developing your property management business, you need support. One of your best allies is your property management software, as it can keep you organized and able to stay on top of changing properties and tenants. Are you curious about how Propertyware can help your business grow? Contact us and get pricing today.pixel

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