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How You Can Streamline the Workflow of Rental Property Management with Electronic Signatures and Cloud-Based Storage

How You Can Streamline the Workflow of Rental Property Management with Electronic Signatures and Cloud-Based Storage

Are you considering creating an electronic signature for your business transactions? While it's satisfying to put pen to paper, a signature by any electronic means is still a signature. According to an article on LinkedIn, "significant productivity gains and expense reductions can be achieved by the widespread use of electronic signatures." By improving your workflow and document storage, electronic signatures can streamline your rental property management business.

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As a rental property manager, you're in charge of many different documents that are part of the legal process of renting to tenants and taking care of properties on behalf of owners. From leases to work orders, every document requires a signature to show that you've read and that you agree with its content. You no longer need to wait for the mail or print and scan an email in order to get your files in order. Electronic signatures can simplify your document management system.

Reduce Confusion

Do you ever have a hard time remembering if you've signed a contract with a vendor? Have you missed an important signature on a tenant's document, necessitating an extra trip or phone call? When you shift to electronic signatures, you can avoid this confusion. You can easily view what documents need to be signed, who needs to sign, and the locations of the files. Documents won't be deemed complete unless they're signed in all of the right places.

An article in TechRepublic discusses the organizational benefits of e-signature: "The ability to ensure that the original signed message arrived and was processed via a documented chain of activities helps to ensure the integrity of the process; a proven electronic trail shows the history of actions taken by the sender and recipient in signing the involved forms."

Streamline the Workflow of Rental Property Management With Electronic Signatures

Improve Your Speed

When you want to lease a property or get working on necessary repairs, you need to process your paperwork quickly and accurately. By implementing electronic signatures, you don't necessarily need to meet with a vendor to get that paperwork done, and you can talk with tenants and sign lease paperwork on the spot. Signing your paperwork electronically and filing it in the cloud is less time consuming than creating, signing, and filing paper forms and allows you to get on with the business of running your company. Digital signatures are also mobile-friendly, so you don't need to be in the office to sign or receive a form that's signed electronically.

Increase File Security

Are your documents safe? Paper forms can be stolen, or they could suffer during a disaster such as a flood or a fire. Cloud-based storage of electronic documents helps keep your documents secure and intact, yet accessible wherever you are and whenever you need them. The documents that you submit are encrypted, and the electronic signatures on those documents can be reliably enforced.

"We are completely paperless now" - Ben Trombly, General Manager at CrestCore Realty, LLC

Are you trying to determine if an electronic signature and cloud-based file storage system are right for your rental property management company? Try Propertyware's electronic signature software, and you'll be surprised at how much e-signatures can improve your workflow. Sign up for a free tour today.pixel

**This blog article, and its contents is being provided for informational purposes only.  It is not legal advice and should be used or relied upon as a substitute for legal advice.  You should consult with a qualified attorney for any legal questions you have relating to the subject matter.**

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