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How to Optimize Your Website for Renters

How to Optimize Your Website for Renters

The internet is a competitive, and crowded space. How can you make sure that your property management website gets noticed? Search Engine Watch says that SEO is the first layer of your website, the one that brings people to your site in the first place.Substantial content must support your SEO icing. An article from their blog states that "your links, paid search, and social media acts as the icing, but your content, information architecture, content management system, and infrastructure act as the sugar and makes the cake." Through a combination of SEO, content, and features such as a tenant portal, you can make your site enticing to prospective tenants.

How to Optimize Your Property Management Website

When your website is easy to find, it's much simpler to attract new tenants. You need to understand the popular search terms in your area and weave them into your website. For instance, if you manage properties in San Francisco, renters there might look for words such as "new homes to rent in San Francisco" or "cheap house rentals San Francisco." Weave all of these keywords into your website and blog posts so that you can direct search engines to your website.

Make it Simple

Once your visitors are on your site, you want to make it easy for them to find the information they need. Have landing pages that direct from other websites and speak to your customers' varying needs. Have a home page with visible information about your company, links to reviews, and listings that are easy to see and peruse. Your website is your sales pitch, so make it count.

Make An Impression

Your website is an advertising tool, and as such it must be professional and highly functional. It needs to echo your brand and look up to date. One of the keys to selling properties to prospective tenants is to have online listings that help them fall in love with the properties. Paint a picture with the words you use about the property, and use images that prospective tenants can easily relate to and that speak to their specific needs.

Use targeted blog posts to direct people to your site as well. Entrepreneur Magazine states that you need to "post awesome content that gets people to share your site on social media and, more importantly, link to it."

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Qualify Your Leads

All of your marketing needs to yield dividends, and by qualifying your leads, you move them toward becoming long-term tenants. Add a strong call to action on your website that encourages people to sign up for your email list. You can also develop a waiting list or email information about listings in a specific area.

Add a Tenant Portal

One of the best ways to draw in and maintain tenants through your website is to add an online tenant portal. A tenant portal can help convert visitors into clients by offering a simple online registration process. Visitors can sign up for alerts about properties in a specific area or fill out a form to be considered as a tenant. When you have an existing tenant, a tenant portal allows that person to pay the rent, communicate easily, and find the information he or she needs, increasing tenant retention.

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