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How to Make Prospective Renters Fall In Love With Properties Online

How to Make Prospective Renters Fall In Love With Properties Online

Have you ever been somewhere that felt like home--made you feel comfortable like you've always belonged there, but couldn't explain why? Many of us have experienced this from time to time, sometimes even when looking for a place to live the feeling is there--letting us know that we're in "THE" place to call home the moment we walk in the door.

Property managers can spot this moment when showing people a property. It's evident from the looks on faces, in body language and in the things prospects say. The property has struck a chord.

So, now that the internet is often the first place renters go when looking for a place to live, how do property managers convey this sense of knowing a property is "the one" online?

Think About Visitor Psychology

When visiting a property in the real world, prospects experience a range of sensations. There is the visual appeal of the space, as well as the three-dimensional nature of being able to walk around and physically feel the space. Plus, there’s smell, temperature, and variable light that appeals to the senses. Most of these emotional triggers are impossible to reproduce online. Help draw attention to your rental property listings by appealing to some of these psychological factors.

Paint a Picture With Words

A great way to reach prospects emotionally online is through language. Create detailed descriptions that appeal to areas of the brain that help renters visualize what a property feels like.

Rather than write, “Big one bedroom, one bath unit in a quiet neighborhood close to the light rail system. Access to a private gym and shared pool on-site," describe the rental as, "Spacious one bedroom home complete with full bathroom. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, this rental property has a community swimming pool, provides private access to a fitness center, and is steps away from the light rail system."

Using words that help a prospective tenant envision themselves living at your property will help drive them to make a rental decision based on your description.

Convey Emotion Through Images

Vision, of course, is a powerful human sense. Post aesthetically pleasing, high-resolution photos of your property taken by a professional, including property details like floor plans, on-site amenities, cats and dogs if your property is animal-friendly, and even video. Be sure to stage the interior of your rental with furniture to help people visualize the amount of space inside, and hire a maintenance crew to trim outdoor trees and hedges to increase curb appeal.

The images you present are fundamental to potential renters experiencing what life is like at your property. What tips do you have to share?

Graham Jones - Psychologist

Graham Jones is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Buckingham and an Associate Lecturer at The Open University in the UK. Jones, B.Sc., B.A., Adv.Dip.Ed., MBPsS, M.Ed. M.Sc., is a qualified psychologist, the author of 32 books, and an award-winning writer and speaker, contributing regularly to a wide range of publications and speaking at conferences and events around the world.

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