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Property Management Marketing: Facebook for Your Business

Property Management Marketing: Facebook for Your Business

Your rental properties may not be snapping selfies, but they still deserve their time online. How can you increase your profile on social media and use it to turn leads into new tenants? These Facebook business page tips for property managers will help you use Facebook for marketing your rental properties.

Why Do Property Management Marketing on Facebook?

Today, peoples' lives have moved online. They use the internet to manage documents, find information, and socialize. If you're not active on Facebook, you're missing out on a valuable marketing tool that gives you the ability to engage with your tenants and their contacts in an entirely new way.

Get Personal

Social media isn't just an advertising venue - it should be truly social. Facebook says that one of the benefits of their business pages is your ability to "have one-on-one conversations with your customers." Use your time on Facebook to invite interaction with your customers, asking them for their needs, experiences, and questions. Make sure that you spend time answering as well. That personal interaction builds a relationship between you and your customers.

Play Tag: An Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy for Rental Property Listings

The good word of your current and past tenants and owners is invaluable, but how can you encourage your tenants to speak well about your company? Facebook offers the unique opportunity to turn on the word of mouth network. With tagging features and sharing, you can target the friends of your Facebook fans.

Promote Your Posts

While you may have advertised with flyers or in newspapers in the past, today you have the ability to hit a more defined target through sponsored stories and promotional posts. Purchase advertising on Facebook that makes its way into the newsfeed of your target market. Make a good first impression: consider what audience you're trying to reach and ensure that the content that you share through these promotional venues is truly valuable and targeted toward the tenants or owners you're trying to attract.

Become a Groupie

Facebook isn't about you, it's about the community that you participate in. Sign up for Facebook groups in your region or groups that appeal to the demographics that you're trying to target for your rental properties. Create valuable blog content and share it in Facebook groups, or simply answer questions. Being helpful gives you an excellent reputation.

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Make Sure You're Mobile

Many of your tenants will access Facebook on a device other than a computer, so it's critical to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. The International Business Times states that "with the world going mobile, Facebook is pushing more small businesses to use its network as a mobile destination rather than building their own apps or sites." While Facebook probably won't replace your website, it's a hugely valuable venue in its own right, and you need to ensure that your existing site and all of its features translate into this mobile-friendly medium.

Build Community With Your Current Tenants

When you're on Facebook, remember to interact with your current tenants as well. Make a home for them there, providing information on property maintenance and upgrades or other issues that are relevant to your rental community. Make sure that you answer their questions or comments and encourage them to engage on your page. When your tenants feel like you care, they're more likely to stay.

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