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Property Management Marketing: Build a Strong Foundation

Property Management Marketing: Build a Strong Foundation

Do vacant properties keep you up at night? Your future tenants are out there, and they need to know about your properties. As a property manager, make sure that your company is at the top of its marketing game. Competition is fierce: these diverse tactics will help you build a strong property management marketing foundation so you can find tenants for your single-family homes.

Connect With Your Future Tenants

Create a website that builds trust. Sometimes, visitors to your site are just browsing. They may be considering a move in the future but they're not quite ready. As a property management company, your goal is to build trust with these prospective tenants.

How can you develop this connection? Know who's visiting your site, and know what advice they need to hear. Write blog posts for millennials who are sharing a property with friends. Write for seniors who aren't sure how they will fit all of their possessions into a smaller home. Establish a rapport with solid information, then ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Build trust, then stay in touch with these visitors, building your engaged market over time.

Property Management Marketing Build a Strong Foundation
Be conscious of the amenities that your tenants love.

Know Where the Market and Your Audience Meet

When you're marketing your properties, you need to understand how to best market them to a specific audience. According to an interview on NPR, "demand for single-family home leases is strong right now." However, different groups of tenants like single family rental properties for different reasons. Downsizing seniors may not want to commit to living in one location for the rest of their lives. Mobile young families may need the ability to move to new jobs.

Research what each group of tenants needs and mention these amenities in your listings. A listing targeted at young families could emphasize local parks, schools, and recreation centers and the property's extra bathrooms and a fenced yard. A listing targeted to seniors can focus on a quiet backyard and a walkable neighborhood. Look at the keywords that your target audience uses to search for properties online, and make sure that you weave those into your web-based property management marketing.

Create Detailed and Attractive Listings

Your online property listings are the best way for you to promote your properties. You need to stand out from the crowd, and one way to do this is through photo and video. Hire a photographer to showcase your properties. Add an online video tour of each home. Seeing a photo gives prospective tenants a more comprehensive look at the home before they call. Add rich details as well: outline the basics like bedrooms and bathrooms, and move on to describe extra amenities, such as a backyard pool and gorgeous garden.

Have Your Portfolio At Hand

Keep a comprehensive portfolio on each property and each neighborhood. This will help you create effective postings on listing services because you'll be able to easily describe the neighborhood, amenities, and vital statistics about each property. Keep a database of your properties using property management software so when a prospective tenant calls, you'll have detailed information handy.

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