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Property Management Software On-the-Go: Mobile Must-Haves

Property Management Software On-the-Go: Mobile Must-Haves

Can you take your property management business on the road? As your business grows, you need to ensure that you can meet with tenants, manage renovations, and coordinate marketing efforts when you're away from the office. For both you and your tenants, going mobile offers the flexibility you need to coordinate rentals while managing other aspects of your work-life.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Your prospective tenants are not sitting at home at their desks searching for new single-family rental properties: they're sitting at cafes with friends, watching their children's soccer games, and walking around the neighborhoods where you manage properties. According to Small Business Trends, sixty percent of web traffic now comes from mobile devices rather than desktop computers. This means when you're trying to rent a property, you need to ensure that your site and all of its forms and apps are mobile-friendly. That way, when a prospective tenant walks by a property that's for rent, he can seek out further information in that moment.

Having a mobile-friendly site is not only helpful and convenient for your current and potential tenants, it also makes it easier for them to find you. Recent changes to Google have led it to favor mobile-friendly sites in its search engine results, and the Wall Street Journal states that advertisers who invest a lot to make good mobile websites win more search ad bids and get more clicks.

Take Your Application Process Online

Moving your tenant application forms online allows you to process information easily with your property management software and adds increases convenience for prospective tenants. Tenants want to be able to apply for a single-family rental quickly and easily. Be sure to provide a way for them to ask questions through phone, text, email, or live chat. When they are ready to sign the paperwork, this can be done online, as well.

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Create a Tenant Portal

Once your tenant is living in one of your properties, they will still need easy online access to information, requests for repairs, and rent payments. Create a tenant portal for your site where you can track tenants' concerns and give them the opportunity to pay their rent online. This allows you to easily track rental payments and requests and it's also far more convenient and efficient than invoicing or mailing a check every month.

Stay Connected to Your Tenants and Contractors

From offering tours to prospective tenants, hiring contractors, and managing projects, you spend quite a bit of time away from the office. With a combination of a mobile-friendly application process, online tenant portal, and cell phone, you can stay connected with the data that's coming into your business and with tenants and contractors should they need to contact you. Property maintenance software that's mobile allows you to flex your schedule and work from one of your properties without missing an important call or an essential payment.

As your property management business develops, you need to seek out tools that allow you to focus on your work even when you're working outside the office. When you're looking for property management software that's as mobile as you are, contact Propertyware. Our flexible tools help you connect with your tenants wherever you are. Sign up for a free online demo of Propertyware today.


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