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How to Write Rental Property Management Listings That Get Results

How to Write Rental Property Management Listings That Get Results

What do you do when you want to get the attention of prospective tenants? While you can certainly put a "For Rent" sign in front of the property, your marketing strategy should not stop there. The property listings you create reflect back on your business and your abilities as a property manager. Learn how to write listings that get the attention of prospects and you'll greatly increase interest in your properties.

The Best Property Rental In Town

If you create the right listing in the right market, it can get snapped up quickly. According to Forbes, the life cycle of a really good rental property can be as short as 1-2 hours in a super-hot market. One of the ways to make your rental properties move faster is by creating attention-grabbing headlines. Whether a headline is quick and catchy or touts the amazing qualities of the property, make sure it discusses more than the location and rental price.

Talk in Pictures

Your rental property may have great features, but failing to include quality images in a listing can turn prospects away. Photos help prospective tenants imagine themselves in a home, reassuring them the house is well cared-for and includes the features they want. Make sure to add a feature photo to your listing along with interior photos to tell a story about your property.

Talk About the Community

A rental property doesn't stand on its own- people are also interested in the surrounding community. How close is your property to public transit? Is it within walking or biking distance of the downtown core? Does the area have high-caliber schools? What attractive community amenities are around your property? Use rental property management software to keep an easy-to-access listing of the amenities in each neighborhood. Adding these amenities to any property profile you create will make the property more appealing to prospects and help generate leads.

Use Social Media in Tandem With Web Listings

Social media is a great, cost effective tool for drawing attention to your business, but posts are often short lived. Once a property manager posts something on their business Twitter feed, it's out there and then it's gone. In a fast-moving rental market, strive to create a more permanent area where you can host your rental listings. According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), a site costs more than the sum total of all social-media accounts but it's a lot more permanent. Use social media as a complement to your web listings for both increased reach and long-lasting impact.

Choose a rental property management software that makes it simpler to get information about your properties and create a stronger relationship with your tenants. Propertyware tools allow you to manage your information wherever you are and provide the organization you need to focus on marketing and business development. Take a free online tour of Propertyware today.

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