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Local Search Presence Strategies in Property Management Marketing

Local Search Presence Strategies in Property Management Marketing

Go local: this is a particularly relevant mantra in the property management business because the vast majority of your business likely focuses on specific properties in a certain area. How can you get the attention of local audiences? While a real life community presence is one way to go, you can also focus on web searches as a way to boost your community presence.

Why Focus on Local Search?

According to an article in Forbes, "4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses." The web is today's business directory, and when prospective tenants are looking for a home or a property management company, it is one of the key places that they turn for information. You need to ensure your company shows up in their search results.

Put Key Location Information on Your Website

One simple but sometimes overlooked way to advertise is to put your local contact information on your website, usually as an area at the bottom of each page. This helps individuals who are looking for a local property management company since you'll show up as a local address.

Make Sure Your Information is the Same Everywhere

If you want to be easy to find online, make sure your location information is the same wherever you place it, whether it's on your own site or on another website. Consistency is key when search engines are moving through sites to determine where you're located, and if there is conflicting information you could drop off the local radar.

Put Yourself on Google Places

Google has a local directory, and it's called Google Places. When you're trying to improve your local search rankings, make sure that you claim your Places page. Enter your business phone number to see if Google already has information for your business.

Create Pages for Different Locations

If you have multiple locations or you're having an open house at different properties, consider creating special pages for each location. This allows each one to show up as local to its own area instead of having your corporate headquarters show up in all location searches. That way, you can maintain a local search presence in different areas.

Join Directories and Get Reviews

It's a busy world out there on the web, and you need to do what you can to get found. Join directories that are specific to your business, and encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews for you. Monitor your business directory accounts closely so that you can address any negative feedback.

According to Business News Daily, using local marketing maximizes your ability to participate in "'I-want-to-go' moments - instances in which consumers use mobile search to quickly find what they want in the immediate area." As you shift to local search, you increase the possibility that an individual who loves a neighborhood can take a look at what's for rent close by, increasing the likelihood of them encountering your business or your property.

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