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New Features of Propertyware Website Templates

New Features of Propertyware Website Templates

"Wow, what an amazing property. We have to check that one out!"

Do your property listings elicit this response?  Or are they just a few lines in a host of listings that your prospective tenants flip through while seeking a property that fits their specifications? Make your rental properties shine online with new website features.

It's All About the Location

According to Fox Business, some of the most desirable aspects of a location are its safety, its proximity to good schools, shops, restaurants, and transit, and its views. However, the location-specific features that people are looking for vary from audience to audience. For Millennials, proximity to a college or transit may be very important. For young families, it's schools and recreation centers that matter.

Give prospective tenants the information they need to make an informed decision by adding map tools to your property listings. Mashable states that "Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, so ditch the long-winded product descriptions." Go visual, and get simple. That way tenants can determine whether your property meets their specific location needs.

It's About the Details

When you're seeking digital marketing tools that work for your prospective tenants, you need to find tools that provide the details they're looking for. When a tenant is looking for a new home, he or she needs critical details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the monthly rental fee.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the placement of key items such as the opt-in offer "can have a huge impact on how many subscribers you attract." Help prospective renters opt into your property searches. Place these items front and center on your property listings and demonstrate to your tenants that they can conduct searches yielding only results specific to their needs.

choose property management website template that suites your needs best
Make sure that your property listings speak to your audience.

It's Interactive

When you're listing properties, communication is key. You must communicate the benefits of a property to potential tenants. This can be accomplished in multiple ways.  For example, stellar images convey the feel of a property. Allow tenants to easily view property photos and click on listings to see them on a map, helping them explore your properties.  Last, facilitate tenant communications with tools such as tenant portals and FAQs that allow new and existing tenants to ask about property listings or learn more about their current property.

When you're working on your property management website, you need an ally to help you along the way. Propertyware can help. If you want to upgrade or launch a new website, talk to us and get pricing today.

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