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Growing Your Property Management Business: Become a Property Management Resource

Growing Your Property Management Business: Become a Property Management Resource

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You may be exceptional at managing properties, but does everyone understand the depth of your expertise? One of the ways to help potential owners and tenants understand your place in your field is to increase brand awareness by becoming a tried-and-true property management resource. Whether you're writing blogs about specific neighborhoods or advising owners about some of the tricky maintenance issues they'll face, you can become a trusted resource in your field by sharing relevant information.

Building Positive Brand Awareness Through Social Media

The State Gazette likens brand management to being a rock star: "Just as a rock star uses his talents to engage his audience, a business professional uses his talents to engage his clients." One of the simplest ways that you can build a fan base and a reputation online is by creating a social media profile. Become active on a social media platform that suits your business needs and reaches your audience. If you're looking for just one platform, Facebook may be a good place to begin.

Share information about issues in your field, and develop your own informative posts based on your expertise in the area. Engage potential tenants and owners in conversation as well, offering to answer questions and encouraging them to share their experiences. By showing that you're responsive, educated, and willing to share, you become a go-to resource.

Increase Brand Awareness By Blogging

Blogging is the mainstay of those who are seeking to develop a brand and increase the digital marketing of that brand. According to Forbes, good blogging begins with some deep thinking about who you are as a business. In an article, they recommend you "identify what you want to be known for and you'll be in a much better position to BE that - which is key to building your brand." Once you've decided what kind of brand you want to be, share that with the world.

Over the years, you've developed a wide and varied expertise in diverse areas, from local neighborhoods to an understanding of contracts, to home and lawn maintenance and repair topics. Share this expertise in your blog posts. Optimize your blogs with SEO to draw in new readers who search online, and add appropriate graphics and hashtags to encourage social sharing. Post consistently and focus your information on issues that are relevant to your local owners and tenants. Use your blog as a way to answer questions that tenants and owners ask in person or online, and remember to promote it through social media.

Your Website Can Become a Property Management Resource

While a blog can provide consistent and updated content on your website, drawing people in, your website as a whole may be more static. However, it can also become a property management resource. Add a section for frequently asked questions, and use the popularity of some of your blog posts to indicate what new pages you should add to the site. For example, if your posts about the diversity and amenities available in local neighborhoods are very popular, you could add a page to your website that describes these neighborhood cultures and amenities in more detail.

Become a Property Management Resource
Increase brand awareness among tenants and owners by offering free introductory resources.

Offer Free Resources to Increase Brand Awareness

Use your website to extend your brand awareness through free resources that you make available to owners and tenants. For example, you might decide to develop an e-book that gives prospective property owners an introduction to the ins and outs of owning and managing property in your city and describes how to set up a beneficial relationship with a property management company. You could also create a monthly webinar for those who are curious about how property management could improve their ability to own and manage their properties. By offering free resources, you not only draw in potential customers, you solidify your reputation as a brand that gives generously.

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