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Property Management Website Design, Marketing and Strategies You Can’t Ignore

Property Management Website Design, Marketing and Strategies You Can’t Ignore

According to the Business2Community blog, "75 percent of small and medium-sized businesses believe that internet marketing is effective or very effective at attracting new customers." Do you agree? Are you taking advantage of the opportunities available? Use your property management website to draw in tenants and keep them with your business in the long term.

Here are our tips for staying on top of these marketing and tech trends:

Make It Easy

When you're creating a property management website, one of the questions you can consider is, "Where are people stuck?" According to the Harvard Business Review, taking something that is difficult and making it easier is a top tech trend. On your website, you should focus on ease of access. Your tenants want information about your rentals. With a simple layout that has easily-accessible contact information, online listings, and an online application process, you'll make it easy for new tenants to enjoy your properties.

Draw People In

Forbes references a study by the State of Inbound, which states that "54% more leads come into the sales funnel via inbound marketing as opposed to outbound." Not only is it at times more affordable, but it is far more effective.

If you're not focusing on content marketing, you're behind the marketing curve. Create content that's of value to tenants and owners and draw them in. Once they're on your website, they develop a relationship with your brand, and even if they are not in the market for a property right now, they'll be back.

Lay Out a Path

Once prospective tenants or owners are on your site, make sure that they can get the information they need. Using digital marketing tools, develop SEO-rich pages that speak to specific search engine queries. Link to specific landing pages from external advertising or blog posts so that you can target specific content to your engaged audience. When a prospective tenant lands on your site, make sure that your website design is simple enough to lead that person to the listings or other information she needs.

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Create a Portal

If you want to speak to the web-savvy tenant or owner, you need to create convenient access to property and payment records and an online communication portal that makes it easy to access information, ask questions, pay bills, and receive payments. Create a tenant portal and owner portal and you'll reduce the time you spend chasing phone calls and increase customer service.

Be Social

If you're not linking your property listings to social media, you're missing out on an opportunity to connect with a growing number of Millennial renters. According to the American Press Institute, 88 percent of Millennials get news from Facebook. Take advantage of social sharing and turn your listings into news with sharing buttons and blogs that feature certain properties or parts of town.

Keeping on top of the trends for your property management website can keep you busy, and you need an ally in your quest for a well-honed, impeccably-managed site. Let Propertyware's digital marketing tools be your companion as you strive for marketing success. Sign up for a free tour of Propertyware today.

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