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The Benefits of Your Property Management Company Partnering with Related Businesses

The Benefits of Your Property Management Company Partnering with Related Businesses

Your business is strong alone, but it could be stronger if you worked together with other businesses in your community. From landscapers to plumbers, you already have relationships with those who help you maintain and organize your properties. By your property management company partnering with these businesses, key benefits are experienced by all parties. 

Develop Maintenance Partnerships

When owners evaluate your business and tenants consider renting your properties, they often look at property maintenance. Do you care for your properties? How easy is it to get a leaky tap fixed, and do you manage the small problems so that they don't become large ones? Working in partnership with the same maintenance company over time not only allows you to get discounts, it also helps you become confident that a specific company is the right partner for your business. You can articulate your needs and make sure that their maintenance and repair regimes are at a suitable level to help you attract property owners and tenants and maintain your properties the way you want them to be maintained.

Connect With Insurance Agencies

Tenants and owners are looking for businesses that offer more: according to the Huffington Post, "you must make yourself your biggest differentiator by becoming intriguing and distinctive in the marketplace." One of the ways you can become more distinctive is by offering partnership programs in collaboration with other businesses in your community. This can bring both of your businesses additional visibility. For example, every tenant and owner needs house or contents insurance. By partnering with a local insurance agency, you can offer your tenants and owners a deal on insurance. Both the insurance agency and your business will also benefit through the cross-promotion.

Keep Your Properties Clean

Showing an interest in your tenants' and owners' well-being helps you achieve success. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, people tend to be "more drawn towards people who have skills that can be learned, such as sincerity and reason." Be consistent with your actions and sincere and humble in your efforts to help. One of the ways that you can solidify this image is by partnering with businesses that help your tenants and owners.

"It seems that everywhere, in every situation, Propertyware is keeping us organized." - Dave Barron / Husky Property Management, LLC

A simple practice that impresses both tenants and owners is to keep your properties clean. Partner with a cleaning service that makes sure your properties spotless before you show the home to prospective tenants. This allows you to show the properties at their best and also helps the cleaning company secure additional business from tenants. Creating a package of partnership discounts and services provides added value to your tenants.

Property Management Company Can Benefit from Partnering with Related Businesses

Coordinate With Moving and Storage Companies

One of the biggest challenges for tenants during a move is deciding what to do with all of their possessions, and you can help them by developing partnerships with storage and moving companies. For renters who are moving from out of town, providing help with moving and storage gives them knowledge of reputable local companies and assures them that their possessions are in good hands.

As you develop your property management business, look for opportunities to develop partnerships. Your business is connected to many others in your community. From cleaners to insurance agents, strong partnerships with other professionals can benefit everyone involved. Propertyware's property management software can help you manage these relationships. Contact us and get pricing today.

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