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Thought Leader Series: Blogging to Grow Your Property Management Business

Thought Leader Series: Blogging to Grow Your Property Management Business

There are many ways to effectively grow your business through online, print and localized advertising. One area that is often overlooked is blogging for property managers. Blogging can help grow your property management business while giving you the ability to share your expertise, improve your reputation and provide better service to your customers in the process. Starting a blog for your property management business could be one of the best decisions you've made yet. 

Blogging for Property Managers

Blogging is all about content creation, providing value and enticing user engagement - something continually does well with their housing articles. It's important to show potential clients and customers that you know what you're talking about. Showing off your expertise, previous work and testimonials from past clients is an excellent way to grow your brand and business.

Just as you are always looking to improve how you run your property management business with the internet, more individuals are going to the net for answers to everyday housing and rental questions. When someone searches for such information, your blog could rank for anything relating to property management, house sales, rentals, etc.

Blogging for property managers

Rank in Search Engine Results

With a blog of your own, you can provide answers to potential clients' questions, while bringing a whole new audience to your site via search engines and social media. By creating your own content that can rank organically in search engine results, you are eliminating the need to pay for advertising through Google. The more high-quality content you provide, the more likely you are to rank for multiple keywords in search engine results, which further increases your reach.

Give Customers Another Way to Connect

Another benefit to blogging is that you can use it as a platform to connect with existing clients, providing them with a source of information and support. Not everyone likes to pick up the phone to call someone, so providing a contact form on your blog as another option for readers to contact you through provides an elevated level of support.

Show Off Your Expertise

The above contact page suggestion, of course, is in addition to all the other valuable information you provide on your blog, such as a page that covers answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about your property management business. Another good example is having a video resources page that your potential and existing clients can access (our resources page has become a huge asset for property managers). These pages would be separate from your regular blog posts. Think of them as ever-changing resources that your customers can find and access easily.

It's Easy and Doesn't Cost a Fortune

The last and final reason why every property manager should have a blog is that it's extremely cost-effective and easy to set up. If you have an active website, a blog can be set up with free WordPress software. It's also a service that most web hosting companies provide with a simple one-click installation process.

A blog can work wonders for your property management business. The key to creating a successful and effective blog is to provide value and give your audience exactly what they're looking for. Once they find that information and see they're on a site run by someone who knows what they're talking about, they are that much more likely to contact you and become a quality lead.

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