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Track any type of real estate asset from single-family to multifamily properties with ease.

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Better Manage Your Rental Property Portfolio Including Foreclosure Properties

Think managing bank-owned REO or foreclosed properties is big business? We do too. Whether you manage properties on behalf of a bank or have invested in the bulk sales of foreclosure properties, Propertyware is the perfect solution for your business.

Propertyware customers have leveraged our Enterprise Edition since 2008 to successfully manage foreclosure properties. In fact, we’re the only solution that has been specifically adapted to meet the unique needs of managing foreclosure homes. We offer a powerful API that allows you to integrate Propertyware with other solutions and offers enterprise grade security with our SAS70 / SAEE 16 application certification.

Improve Asset Management with Indispensable Benefits

Our powerful and integrated platform affords REO and Asset Managers the following benefits:

  • Track any type of asset from single-family to multifamily properties
  • Customize to track whatever information you need
  • Manage large portfolios with tools to load data quickly and mass edit records
  • Control what your employees access with powerful user permissions and audit logs
  • Automate to simplify time-consuming tasks
  • Manage communications and reports with your investors in the Customer Portal

Not a CPA? Not a problem. Propertyware Accounting puts you in control no matter your expertise level. From AR to AP, bank reconciliations and ACH payments to owners and bank reporting, Propertyware offers it all.
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Forget limited payment solutions. With Propertyware Payments, you can offer both tenants and owners an easy way to make online money contributions, and you can even pay your vendors.
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Propertyware offers a full digital marketing solution that puts you in control of your listings, and sophisticated website options that attract and convert.
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From move-in to move-out (and everything in-between), Propertyware offers a solution no one else has. It’s a tool for coordinators and vendors — a re-invented solution designed to manage the entire process, including billing and photos.
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No more double entries. Propertyware streamlines the process from when your tenant applies to when they convert. Our screening process is easy to use, mitigates risk and end-of-lease costs.
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Propertyware offers a powerful solution for both tenants and property owners with 24/7 access—all with real-time visibility.
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It’s your business – anytime, anywhere. The Propertyware Mobile App is your all-access pass for iPhone or Android, offering you complete visibility at your fingertips.
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Our professionally trained live agents operate as an extension of your leasing, management and maintenance office, answering every maintenance or prospect call, and responding quickly.
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How to Successfully Manage Foreclosure Properties

In the rental property management industry, you work with diverse properties. Some of these are distressed housing or foreclosure properties. According to the Huffington Post, “Investors seeking higher yields are drawn to foreclosures because the rental market is red hot.” Working in property foreclosure comes with unique challenges and stresses. Here’s how to manage them.

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Your Property Management Company & Foreclosures: Property Preservation Opportunity?

There are many scenarios that lead to foreclosure, but ultimately, it’s due to the owner’s inability to pay for that home over time. This challenging situation plays out in communities across the country: according to RealtyTrac, “0.82 percent of all U.S. housing units (one in every 122) had at least one foreclosure filing in 2015.”

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Foreclosure Property: Ugly Duckling or Golden Goose?

It’s not pretty, but is it a good investment? That’s the question you may ask yourself about a prospective purchase, especially when the property in question is in foreclosure. Foreclosure can be financially messy for individuals and it can leave a mess behind for future property owners and managers as well.

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Single Family Home Foreclosures: Business Opportunities Waiting to Happen

While the market is starting to swing up once again, the foreclosure crisis is far from over. For property management professionals, this presents an opportunity to find exceptional deals on single family homes. Expand your portfolio and provide homes for new families by investing in single family foreclosure investment property.

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Taking the Stress Out of Distressed Properties

In a world of new, shiny rental homes, some hidden gems await. Distressed homes that need repairs are there for the right kind of owner who can add a little polish and create a comfortable, safe residential experience. Properties that may bear the long-term effects of poor maintenance and management practices or are victims of crime offer investment opportunities. It’s not uncommon for some homes in less desirable neighborhoods to be heavily discounted and sell for below market value.

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Growing Your Rental Property Management Business With Foreclosures

Foreclosures bring challenges to homeowners who are struggling with shifting housing prices, job losses, or debt. However, they also present opportunities for rental property management companies as they free up homes that property management companies could purchase at a lower price. As a property manager, what do you need to consider when you’re thinking of investing in a foreclosure to grow your rental business?

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Principles of Profitability

“Propertyware® is a critical component to the rapid growth of our business and has allowed our firm to gain a competitive edge. Propertyware truly partners with property management companies to handle the challenges of our ever-evolving industry.”

Kyle Stephenson President

Great Richmond Rentals
Richmond, VA

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The support agent was excellent in walking me through exactly what steps needed to be taken to correct the error.”

Jennifer Meit of Mars Hill Realty Group

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