Propertyware: The 5x Profit Roadmap

Recorded December 4 at 1-1:30 p.m. CT | UTC/GMT -6

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Are you interested in dramatically improving the profitability of your property management business and maximizing your entrepreneurial freedom?

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This powerful presentation will help you:

  • Clearly understand the current financial performance of your business
  • Define achievable profit goals for your business
  • Determine the 3-5 key financial initiatives required to achieve breakthrough 5X profitability

Achieve it all by using the tools provided to NARPM members in the brand new NARPM Accounting Standards. You're already working crazy hard. Why not 5X your profits?


Barb Kaplan

As the Industry Principal, Barbara is able to utilize her more than 20 years’ experience in property management and associated technology to help support customers and the internal teams at Propertyware. She is passionate about customers and enjoys managing events and staying on top of industry trends. She is committed to always delivering a great experience.

Daniel Craig is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of their God-given talents and believes that financial clarity is crucial to driving commitment and change toward greater profitability and entrepreneurial freedom. He is the CEO of ProfitCoach, a property management-focused financial services company with the mission of fueling entrepreneurial freedom by growing broker/owner profits. He is co-author of the NARPM Accounting Standards, and lead analyst for the 2018 Property Management Financial Benchmarking Study.

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